Viewer Update - Release Notes 0.10.31

Hi everyone, we're releasing an update for 64-bit Windows today to address a critical bug relating to client scripting. A Mac, Linux and 32-bit Windows version of 10.31 will be availible later today; however the 10.18 client is unaffected by the bug in question.

This update however, also contains a large number of extra fixes and improvements we had planned on releasing tomorrow. Read on for the full release notes since 10.25. (Note: 10.25 was a substantial release, you may want to check the release notes for that release too)

Changes and Improvements

  • Settings: UI Sound Effects have their own volume slider now - you can now control volume on things like chat noises and arrival noises.
  • Facial Tracking: Further improvemetns to the blend shapes used for facial animation.
  • Scripting: Adds SGameObject.SetParent(SGameObject other, bool worldPositionStays) method to scripting.
  • Scripting: Adds SAudioReactiveBase for modifying audio reactive components at runtime.
  • Scripting: Adds SLineRenderer which maps Unity's own LineRenderer class.
  • Scripting: Adds STrailRenderer which maps Unity's own TrailRenderer class.
  • Scripting: Adds SUIButton for more easily mapping uGUI buttons.
  • Scripting: Adds SUIDropdown for programmatically editing uGUI dropdown lists.
  • Scripting: Adds SUIToggle for accessing uGUI toggle buttons.
  • Webcam: Capture framerate is now a configurable property
  • StreamedTexture: Now has unique per-component IDs
  • Mouse Highlight: On objects with multiple materials, all materials will be used for rendering highlight
  • Property Activator: Adds a new component "Property Activator" which allows you to toggle events on/off more permanently within a scene.
  • Scripting: Adds IsAttached property to SAvatar
  • Scripting: Adds SetSiblingIndex to SGameObject
  • Desktop Sharing: Improves Desktop sharing behaviour
  • Webcam: Fixes a bug where the webcam could still start when authorisation was denied.
  • Scripting: Network message serialisation format has been changed to work better. This indirectly also fixes a bug introduced in 1025.
  • Scripting: Added additional debug messages when a source reference is unavailable.
  • Scripting: Adds SAudioAnalyser SetGlobalGroupMax and SetGlobalGroupMin for adjusting all hooked audio analysers in the scene (inc. Audio Reactive components)

Written by Adam on Tuesday October 31, 2017

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