Creator Viewer - Release Notes 0.10.25

Hi everyone - we've got a bumper update today with the preview viewer we've published yesterday. I'm going to roll the 0.10.18 preview notes into this as well, so this covers all updates since the 9.29 release last month. Read on for the full details!

Changes & Improvements

  • Allegorithmic Substances: set to load after the player arrives in the scene, now render a 128x128 preview before rendering the full 1024/2048px image
  • Quests: Quest conversation steps may now have a maximum of 64 entries per conversation, raised from 10. (Note: If someone hits this limit, and needs more, please let us know on the forums.)
  • Music and SFX Volumes: Music and SFX volumes now default to 75% instead of 40%, this means music and SFX should by default, be relatively audible.
  • Webcam Facial Tracking: Motion on left/right movement of your real self is slightly reduced when translated to your avatar.
  • Webcam Facial Tracking: Framerate of capture has been increased to a maximum of 60fps from 10fps; gives much better results.
  • Scripting: SGameObject now has a .Avatar property to return a SAvatar if the GameObject is a player or NPC
  • Cloth Refitting: Refitting is now staggered over more frames resulting in less of a framerate dip (note: countered by known issue below)
  • Clothing Customisation Window: The clothing decal painter now supports blend modes similar to Photoshop (Add/Subtract/Multiply/etc.)
  • Cloth Refitting: Refitting will now only attempt to refit one avatar at a time (better framerates in scenes with lots of avatars)
  • Webcam Facial Tracking: Refined the positions of the mouth and lips when in motion, eyebrow motion is substantially improved.
  • Whitelist: Fogvolume has been updated to latest version. Use of Noise Textures is still somewhat unreliable (expect another update here soon.)
  • Desktop Sharing: You can now stream your desktop to a textured surface using the Streamed Texture component.
  • Render Texture Capture: You can now stream a local Render Texture to other players using the Streamed Texture component.
  • Animations: We will now no longer reload the entire animation controller each time a custom animation is played; reduces weird 1 frame blips when transitioning between two custom animations.
  • Modular Vendor: now has a fields for skeleton/gender
  • Vivox Voice: Voice is now shared across shards of the same region.
  • Pets/Creatures: Adds support for Pets/Creatures which can be designed by creators, and have simple locomotion and tweakable AI. Pet support inter-pet interactions, which can offer rewards.
  • WebGL: Fixed an issue where some clients had difficulty seeing chat
  • WebGL: Chat now shows timestamps like the desktop clients do
  • Chat: Chat will now not show a missing username sometimes when chat is sent from external XMPP clients
  • Hair: Embeds new hair shaders in the viewer based on our open source hair shader (blog post pending), supports anisotropic highlights and translucency.
  • macOS: Fixes a crash bug with WebCam surfaces on some macOS clients
  • Attachments: Attachments primary colour will no longer strip transparency values on the base colour parameter off.
  • Scripting: Fixes an issue with JSON deserialisation where nested arrays ("[[") are used
  • Texture Resizing: When textures are resized by our viewer internally, we now use a bilinear filter (profile images)
  • Scene Object Database: Will now refresh more often
  • Default Male Texture: some refinements on one of our default male textures embedded in the client
  • Cloth Fitting: Implements new cloth fitting algorithm (hit F6 to toggle off/on - relog required to see results), works in conjunction with new Editor Pack components to allow fitting multiple clothes over each other in a more streamlined/efficient fashion.
  • Scripting: Adds SScript.GetResource(string func) function for quickly accessing embedded resources.
  • Scripting: Clarifies an error related to WebRequests
  • Animations: Fixes a bug where custom animations would not work correctly
  • Scripting: Sending and Recieving of network messages now supports Lua tables, as well as the original primitive types & arrays.
  • Shop: Fixed an issue where unisex clothing would not be previewed correctly in the shop
  • Shop: Filesize is now displayed in the item detail window
  • Facial Tracking: Added new mouth override slider to adjust default resting position of the mouth

Known Issues:

  • Clothing has not yet been baked with the new data for our improved cloth fitting algorithm; while enabled, avatar loading will freeze the client for several seconds. Expect this to reduce to normal values soon.
  • Voice compatibility with prior versions has been broken - all clients need to be on either 9.29 (or earlier) or 10.18 (or later) to hear each other.

To get a copy of this update, visit to get a copy of the preview viewer. If you are using the installer, make sure to tick 'Creator Preview' in the installation options.

Editor Pack

We will post changes for the new Editor Pack 11 beta soon as well - where there are a substantial number of workflow and other improvements to make creator lives easier.

Written by Adam on Friday October 27, 2017

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