Anniversary Highlights!

Here are highlights for our Anniversary Event! 

Our 2nd Anniversary is coming up on the 17th, and we have some special events lined up! 

At (6:00PM UTC/1:00PM EST) in the Welcome Center, Sinespace's Lead Developer Adam Frisby will be giving a special birthday keynote discussing events and happenings from the last year, how we have grown and changed this year, what our priorities are for the next year and of course how much we appreciate all of the users and creators who have been a part of Sinespace for these two years!

At 11:00 PM UTC/6: 00 PM EST acclaimed developer Warren Spector will be in The Delphi Talks discussing his new game Underworld Ascendant as well as giving advice and tips on how to create games in Unity 3D. There will also be a game key giveaway of Underworld Ascendant for two lucky attendees, so if you haven't registered for the event and want to stand a chance of winning, please register here
We also have lots of new things coming your way, including Premium Membership! We're introducing Premium perks for all subscribers, and a new simpler Premium membership tier to replace our old "Standard 2" offer. This is just a little sneak peek, there will be more information on this during the anniversary event.

You can find our full event schedule here, and we look forward to celebrating with you on the 17th! 

Written by Hannah on Friday November 16, 2018