Creator Spotlight - BlakOpal Designs

This creator spotlight shows off the incredible clothing and accessories coming from BlakOpal!

Artists BlakOpal and Trilo Byte have been creating real-world art together since 2006 and making wearable art in virtual worlds since 2008.  They have been creating beautifully designed and detailed clothing, furniture, and places to explore in Sinespace since 2016, and are extremely excited about the platform and its future. Their designs were already famous in other virtual worlds before they made their debut in the Sinespace Marketplace. Their dual creativity make their clothing line one of the highest quality.

BlackOpal Mirabel dress in red  

They were the first creators to incorporate cloth physics into their clothing pieces.  The dress you see above moves with the motion of the avatar and without sinking below the surface of the skin.  This means the clothing looks realistic during walking, running and dancing!  Try out the Mirabelle Wrap Dress for a perfect example of their achievement.

BlakOpal specialise in creating clothing which is unique and beautifully created. You can find intricately detailed outfits such as the Levant Suit, Lovelace Outfit and the Antilles Pirate Outfit in the Sinespace shop as well as their other creations. They recently completely rebuilt the BlakOpal region (it loads faster, looks better, and has much more to see and explore), are working on releasing several new clothing pieces, and Trilo is working on several region template projects. You can check out the full range of their items on the web shop!

Written by Hannah on Wednesday November 28, 2018