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Creator Spotlight - Juliein3d


This is our Creator Spotlight, where we highlight creators in our community who have caught our eye with their high-quality work. This week, we're showcasing the marvelous micro-game work of Juliein3D.  We'll visit her region, Horizon Campus Demo, during the upcoming Creator Weekend. All of Julie's creations are available under the brand name HorizonIRs in the Shop!

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Written by Ghaelen on Tuesday August 14, 2018

Release Notes - 2018.7


Hi everyone - we've released the 7b5 viewer to the live servers today, there will be a followup release in the next day or two with a few additional fixes included. Read on for the full release notes since the last live release (2018.4), we'll update this post at the bottom with the release notes from the followup release when it is out.

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Written by Adam on Wednesday July 18, 2018