Release Notes - 2019.1b44

A full list of updates to our newest viewer!

Hi everyone - Here's the list of all the bugs squished and features added since the 1b44 viewer; Take a look:

Viewer Features

  • Refined the Map window and added a Region info button
  • FEAT: Added a "framerate dropdown" in the Settings window

Viewer Fixes

  • Shop window item preview clipping no longer occurs
  • Fixes unwanted borders in shop preview (now renders full width)
  • Changes skybox in shop to have subtle gradient
  • Fixed the issue where quests cannot be reset from another region
  • Fixed the resetting issue for Autostart quest
  • Added "Copy shape to clipboard" function back and put it into morphs panel.
  • Camera tooltips now correctly display Mac keys
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to drag furniture into a region without being in Edit Room Mode
  • Updated the vehicle respawn script to adapt to current vehicle system – New users joining the default region will no longer see spawned cars
  • Fixed the problem that when you focus items several times, camera will act like it’s being dragged by these items.
  • Fixed the problem that focus and fly act at the same time in Edit Room Mode
  • Fixed Ctrl+F opening the Friends window and making you fly as well
  • Focus is no longer disabled in Edit Room Mode
  • The Animator cache will now be cleared after exiting a vehicle
  • Camera can now be rotationally controlled with the 'Ctrl' key again
  • Fixed the ‘Ctrl’ key conflicting with avatar movement control.

Editor Pack Fixes

  • Fixes an issue with microsplat (and possibly other custom terrain shading systems)
  • Clothing premorph tool will prompt to save asset after finished (optional, hit cancel and it will be stored in the mesh alone)
  • BakeMorph utility is now more flexible, allowing you to configure outputs individually
  • Adds more utilities to the ObjExporter
  • K Factor calculator now shows an ETA for when it will be done (also supports new internal modes)
  • Clothing pre-morph utility has new options for smoother results - note; "Smooth" will be slow, Secondary Smooth is faster
  • FEAT: Scripting - adds SGameObject.HingeJoint and SGameObject.AddHingeJoint() which wrap the Unity HingeJoint class
  • Removes double initialisation of script core types - slightly improves script loading performance on the server
  • ResetSkeleton utility has new 'global' mode which uses global coordinates
  • Fixes save-as bug in new premorph utility

Check back regularly for more updates!

Written by Hannah on Monday December 23, 2019

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