Creator Spotlight - Kub Infinite

Check out these amazing furniture items from Kub Infinite!

Kub Infinite is a new creator in Sinespace who is known for their creations in other worlds, has been busy making high quality furniture items for you to use in your home regions. He has recently released a complete bedroom set called 'Stephanie's Bedroom' as well as a one room home template to compliment the bedroom set. The bedroom set is made up of a bed, bed-side table, lamp, rug and books, which you can buy from Kub Infinite's Shop in a variety of different colours! 

Kub has also made some bunnybags and sun wall art, which are great as separate items or go really nicely with the bedroom set. 

Here is a little interview with Kub Infinite who tells us why he loves creating 3D models:

What inspired you to start creating 3D models?

I started 3D modeling because I started with building tools in other virtual worlds when I was a kid and really fell in love with it and creating furniture. It's just exciting to make something you know people will buy and love in-world.

What is your creative process for making items?

My creation process is realtively simple, I just think of something I like or look up pictures of what I like and get an idea in my head and then I 3d model a base in 3D software, then make cloth if I need it and lastly bring it all together and add the textures.

Any epic items planned for the near future?

I want to start adding more of my current inventory into Sinespace, but once that is done, I want to work on creating an in-world Shop as well as creating home region templates for you all! Sinespace is definitely going places, and I'm so excited to be a part of the journey!

To get all of Kub Inifinite's items for yourself or a friend, visit his Shop on the web, or search for 'Infinite' in the in-world shop!

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Written by Hannah on Friday February 21, 2020