Wicked Witchcraft Challenge winner!

Congratulations to Martin and Kathryn for winning the challenge!

Congratulations Martin!

A huge congratulations to Martin who won the Wicked Witchcraft challenge and a prize of $2000 and a year of exclusive creator membership with his cute Halloween themed gokarts! The gokarts are drivable vehicles with adorable animated "bearimals" behind the wheel. 

We spoke to Martin about the process he goes through to make interactive items like these, and this is what he told us:

First I made the animal as a sculpt with no end goal of use in mind yet. I then textured the model to have fur, black eyes and white teeth.

The initial idea I came up with was to have these animals roaming around as as NPCs asking users for candy. This was made into an animation instead of a scripted function. As I progressed with this initial idea, I started to work on gokarts for the weekly challenge and decided to mix the animals with the gokarts to make the Halloween gokarts. 

I added a pumpkin texture to the gokart model to give it a Halloween feel; this was done with a displacement map I generated from a pumpkin model, projected onto a flat unwraped sphere. I also set the gokarts up to be drivable vehicles in Sinespace. 

I felt like just having the animals sit in the karts wasn't enough, so I used trigger volumes to add animations, so that when another player would pass by, each animal would have their individual animation to comunicate with them.

The outcome of Martin's hard work is a quirky and fun interactive item, which we will all be racing around in in-world! 

Congratulations Kathryn!

Our runner up for the Wicked Witchcraft challenge is Kathryn Yer with her region, Hollows Ville, which includes a mystical, magical quest filled with potions, spells and monsters! We asked her what her creative process was for the region:

I have always loved magic and witchcraft, and I wanted to give players the same feelings when playing in Hollows Ville. 

Magic had to be a part of the game in the form of quests and the environment, otherwise it wouldn't create the right atmosphere. I love building all kinds of fantasy lands; the town was really fun to build but I love all aspects of game making, from the design to the coding!

The idea of Hollows Ville is to give the player a sense of heroism while they save it from an evil witch through a quest storyline; I also wanted to showcase how amazing magic can be!

Congratulations Kathryn! You won a years' worth of exclusive creator membership. 

Both of these interactive items are amazing, and we can't wait to see what you all make for the Out of this World challenge!

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Written by Hannah on Wednesday November 20, 2019