Get a huge pack of clothing templates free!

If you're interested in clothing design in Sinespace - we've got a huge pack of clothing templates you can get started with today. There's over 8gb of content and 78 individual clothing items for you to tailor to your hearts content - we're releasing all the source files we have (including the original meshes), and a big batch of projects for Allegorithmic Substance Painter (which you can still win a copy of for if you hurry)

We also made a hour long tutorial showing you how to format and upload a couple of these items - starting from the total beginning steps.

Read on for copies of the templates, and a lot more!

To grab a copy of the files, visit our wiki pages with links to theĀ Male, and Female clothing resources. There is over 8gb of content availible here for 78 items (including original meshes and source textures!). Special thanks to one of our creators - Trilobyte, for formatting and setting up substance painter projects for each of these files, so if you use that, you'll feel right at home.

Finally, you can watch a new video class showing step by step how to use these templates and start making your own virtual fashion using these templates. You can watch that here!


(License information: you are free to use these for any purpose related to creating content for the Sinespace virtual world free of charge, including commercial usage. Credit is not required.)

Written by Adam on Wednesday January 17, 2018

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