No Such Thing as Bad Press

We were given a first hand witness account of how to build a successful retail brand in immersive enviroments.

Maria Korolov, editor in chief over at Hypergrid Business ( gave us her insights gathered from 20 years of reporting on tech, immersive businesses and business people.

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We covered off the biggest mistakes she's seen, including trying to push a business that has no perceived or actual added value (or has a sleazy car salesman approach to selling), creating muliple marketing channels, and robustly protecting and  carefully managing your customer database (potentially your biggest asset in the event you want to sell your business).

One of Maria's themes was handling your customers with care (even when they may not deserve it) and, we learnt that no review is a bad review,  but in fact,  bad reviews dealt with in the right manner, can be a significant learning experience, and can be turned into a positive for the business. 

Another key learning, tied to the argument that successful immersive retail businesses think long and hard and act carefully around the atmospheric elements of their brand and venue, is to engage with the nuances of immerisve worlds. It is a proven mistake to think that because you're a big boy on the high street, that you can elbow you way into a virtual environment and do the same things you do in the real world without any consideration for cultural differences.

Thanks go to Maria Korolov, our fabulous guest speaker, to Adam, my co-host,  and to our wonderful and engaged audience.

Next Tuesday at 7pmUTC (TBC) Adam will be chatting to Adam Myhill from Unity. Adam heads the Cinematics unit for Unity and will be talking about using the system he built, to create film quality content in real-time. 

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Written by Unknown on Wednesday January 17, 2018