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Release Notes - Editor Pack 13

Hi everyone - we've just released a preview of Editor Pack 13 (and some test clients to boot) - which can be obtained in the #beta channel of our Discord group. (Join that here: )

This post goes over some of the (many) changes we've made since the last release notes, which makes for a large number of changes. Please report any bugs/issues to us.

Editor Pack 13.0 Preview 4

(Includes release notes for 12.1 and onwards as well, see below)

  • Scripting: Fixes a large number of type related errors when trying to access types reserved for C# scripting module
  • Virtual Goods: Adds a large number of new validation rules to editor pack preventing broken uploads before they happen
  • Grabbables: Adds new component for creating items that can be picked up and moved in VR and Desktop clients
  • Combination Activator: A new visual scripting component that allows you to trigger an event when any two named components get within a certain distance of each other.
  • Scripting: Adds new .Time property to SEmbeddedVideo
  • Telemetry: Adds new setting for recording telemetry & bug reports for us from the Editor Pack (opt-in, currently has no effect as we are not recording this yet.)
  • Menus: Moves everything from a Space/ menu to a new Sinespace/ menu
  • Scene Object Database: Object IDs are now more accurately preserved via scene object databases (a reupload is required to make this feature work.)
  • Scripting: Adds support for debugging Lua scripts from within Visual Studio Code, breakpoints, watch windows and call stacks are visible, along with exceptions and warnings.
  • Synchronised Rigid Body: Adds new component for controlling how rigid bodies are simulated on the network
  • Scripting: Fixes an issue with JSON parsing
  • Scripting: You can now use SWebBrowser to define custom javascript functions, and call specially named javascript functions in embedded webpages. See RegisterFunction and CallFunction (all functions must start with the keyword "sinespace__")
  • Scripting: Adds new Photo functions (simulating the snapshot window we offer) and capture-to-texture functions to SCamera. (Go make photo booths!)
  • Scripting: Added a considerable number of new Asserts which will stop fatal scripting errors (but will send a warning.)
  • UI: The Clothing, Scene Settings and Virtual Good inspectors have been completely and totally overhauled.
  • Uploader: Added new High Speed Uploader (Mac, Linux and Windows) which uploads up to 10x faster than before.
  • Categories: Added a number of additional categories to virtual good picker
  • Scene Settings: Added option to automatically take a snapshot of your region for preview purposes
  • Scripting: Adds JoinVoice and LeaveVoice to SChat
  • Scripting: Adds new option to load libraries sequentially instead of in a single frame (FPS boost for viewers), will become the default soon.
  • Add Component: removed a lot of hidden "Base Internal" components from the Add Component menu
  • Discord: Added a link to join our Discord to the editor pack (hint, hint!)
  • External DLLs: Whitelabel users can now refresh external DLLs without restarting the editor
  • Clothing: Added support for clothing built in an "A-Pose" instead of a "T-Pose" to the autorigger.

Changes from Editor Pack 12.1.0 through Editor Pack 12.13.2

  • Unity Support: Adds support for Unity 2017.2
  • Embedded Video: Added hardware decoding to most video formats for smoother playback. You can now output video onto materials directly without using a RenderTexture (this is considerably faster).
  • Scripting: Array indexing unification - you can now choose whether to use Lua Standard Array Indexing (starts from 1) or C-style indexing (starts from 0) - this allows you to interoperate with existing Lua code, or use more conventional indexing.
  • Clothing: Processing of K Factor and other long-running prepare processes are now multithreaded in many cases giving a considerable speedup
  • Uploader: We've added a new "Native Uploader" for Mac and Linux which uses native code (no longer running on Mono). This is experimental and can be accessed from the Sinespace->Tools->Install Mac Native Uploader menu item.
  • Exclude Object: Exclude object will no longer break processing servers when used recursively (i.e. excluding an object that contains another exclude object.)
  • Clothing: Physics solver is now tied to vertex count on items. If you use fully simulated cloth physics, the framerate will be linear adjusted based on vert count - assuming 200fps at 5000 verts. (i.e. a item with 30,000 verts will run at 33fps)
  • Clothing: Fixed cloth physics bugs with using LODs
  • Clothing: High LOD items will no longer be downloaded on Mobile & WebGL (saves filesize)
  • Bundles: Fixed bundles when used with Patterns
  • Cloth Fitter: This is now more tolerant of errors
  • Scripting: Adds SDialogues.ColorPicker
  • Clothing: Fixed an issue where the 'Prepare' button would not work
  • Gestures: Set Fixed Avatar Height is no longer the default on single user animations
  • Scripting: Adds Runtime Type to SScript, which will return either "Desktop", "Web", "Mobile" or "Unknown" depending on the users platform
  • Clothing: Fixed a bug where clothing would not delete on child meshrenderers (only worked when it was on the root)
  • Clothing: Fixed previewing of skin deletion in the editor pack.
  • Clothing: Fixed the wrong rotation on the deletion/preservation zones on clothing items
  • Clothing: Clothing occluder is now multithreaded
  • Clothing: Fixes a bug in the High LOD in the editor pack
  • Uploader: Fixed a bug where the uploader would incorrectly compress normal maps, resulting in weird textures
  • Uploader: Mesh tangents will now always be preserved (and never stripped off) which can fix issues with objects built using a mesh mirror modifier in the 3D modelling application.
  • Fog Volume: Improves support for FogVolume3
  • Post Processing: Updates Post Processing Stack to latest 1.0 release (v2 soon!)
  • Virtual Goods: Preview images and icons will no longer count against an items filesize
  • Tattoos: Improvements to tattoo and makeup layer support
  • Embedded Video: Adds .Pause and .Resume functions (also added to scripting)
  • Chat Zone: New Chat Zone component added to Editor Pack
  • Categories: Added Clothes/Skin/Eyes subcategory
  • Patterns: Decoding of pattern normal maps is now done on the GPU (significantly faster!)
  • Patterns: Mobile and WebGL clients now cap texture resolution to 1024px
  • Processing: Speedups and optimisations for faster processing
  • Clothing: Obscuration distance for high LOD when obscuring against medium and low LOD clothing will now use a Obscuration Distance of 0.05 instead of 0.005.
  • CineMachine: Upgrades to CineMachine 2.1.1
  • Costumes: Costumes will no longer lag clients if they have a poorly constructed animator.
  • Categories: Added additional Furniture related subcategories
  • Scripting: Moves a number of items into namespaces (Lua is unaffected as it lacks namespaces)
  • Clothing: Adds support for 'Tags' which indicate clothing items designed to work with one another, special deletion & tucking mechanics will apply to these items.
  • Clothing: Improvements to autorigger feature
  • Clothing: Adds cloth and bone status to clothing inspector
  • Scripting: Fixes an issue with IK via Lua scripting
  • Scripting: Adds scripting functions to read VR controller position and orientation
  • UI: Adds scalable canvas component for building UGUI canvases that respect the UI scale slider in the client settings
  • Scripting: Added new SFurniture API for storing data persistently on furniture
  • Localisation: Improves translation framework
  • Archimatix: Experimental support for Archimatix models that can be edited in the client (a beta client is required)
  • Scripting: Fixes a user-agent related issue with SWebService class introduced in Unity 2017.2
  • Scripting: Fixed a bug in Color Picker when the UI had been scaled
  • Categories: Added new category for functional items ("Clothing/Features")
  • Scripting: WebGL requires websites to use HTTPS for web requests to off-site servers, when initially accessed over HTTPS.
  • White Label: Added support for WebGL clients for white label users
  • Avatars: Fixed an issue with knee bending
  • Scripting: Fixed a bug where SPersistence's callback would not be called
  • Scripting: Fixed an issue with SUIDropdown not working when called with certain type data
  • Day Night Cycle: Adds option to manually update reflection probes with manually baked reflections
  • Patterns: Fixed an issue with patterns on clothing with more than 20 patterns
  • Scripting: Added SModularVehicle component to scripting for scripting vehicles
  • Modular Vehicles: Added new input modes allowing you to throttle instead of move using controls
  • Categories: The category "Room" has been renamed to "Region"
  • Virtual Good: Moved Inworld Customisation panel, updated clarifying text
  • Scripting: White Label users can now write their own script functions compatible with Unity scripting, and expose them to Lua. (See: LoadExternalClass function in SScript)
  • Scripting: Added Teleport(landmark) overload taking a landmark name as the teleport destination
  • Scripting: Adds GetColor to SMaterial
  • Day Night Cycle: Will now force a periodic refresh of the Dynamic GI cache
  • Scripting: Adds SChat to allow scripting of joining/leaving chat channels
  • Scripting: Adds .AddToHotbar and .RemoveFromHotbar to SInventory allowing game (and other creators) to make custom hotbar entries (White Label only)
  • Scripting: Adds SQuests.AwardAchievement for giving out custom achievements (contact us to create these)
  • Scripting: Adds SEconomy class to allow game creators to create/destroy silver from users accounts, and issue rewards directly
  • Clothing: Adds Copy to Clipboard function to viewer for easy creation of custom shapes
  • Virtual Good: Adds warnings when setting items to free in one currency but paid in another
  • Clothing: Adds new experimental rigger functions
  • Scripting: Scripts can now retrieve current playing track name via SSceneBackgroundMusic
  • Scripting: Adds support for .Lua files natively in the editor
Image: 2018-06/loadtestcrowd.jpg

Written by Adam on Friday June 15, 2018

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