Narratives and storytelling in online games with Richard Bartle

Tonight in The Delphi Talks, we have virtual world pioneer Professor Richard Bartle discussing gaming and virtual worlds. 

Tonight at 6:30 pm UTC in The Delphi Talks, we have Professor Richard Bartle, speaking on gaming and virtual worlds. In 1978 Richard co-wrote Multi-User Dungeon (MUD). Considered to be the first ever virtual world,  MUD led us to the MMOs we love today. You can see more info on the event here.

On October 29th at 3:30 pm UTC we host the Badass Teachers Association, (BATs), a 300,000 strong, activist association fighting hard for education for US public school children. We will hear about perhaps their fiercest battle yet, taking on President Donald Trump and the DeVos administration who have already rolled back 72 regulations protecting special education children. 

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The Fire Poet
Thursday 2nd November: 8:00pm UTC

Richard Trombly -  Editor in Chief China Indie Films
Tuesday 7th November: 6:30 pm UTC

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Written by Hannah on Thursday October 26, 2017