Badass Teachers v. Trump

Badass Teachers Association (BATS) will be telling their story in The Delphi Talks on 29th October at 11.30 am EST / 8.30 am PST (3:30pm UTC).

Guest speakers Marla Kilfoyle and Melissa Tomlinson join us to talk about what they expect to be their fiercest battle yet, challenging the Trump administration, on its recent roll back of 72 regulations relating to special education children.

Marla is the Executive Director of BATs.  She has been a public school teacher in New York for 30 years, and Melissa is the Asst. Executive Director of BATs. She has been a  public school teacher in New Jersey for 16 years. They will be discussing the technologies BATs use to engage their community and some of the campaign lessons learned. 

Social media will be discussed in the context of public groups vs. closed groups vs secret groups, and the admin that supports these including the guidelines BATs have developed and posted, for safe work environments.

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Written by Hannah on Friday October 27, 2017