Editor Pack - 12.0.4 Beta

Hi everyone,

We've got a update to the Editor Packs for everyone today - this is an experimental update, so as usual, please backup your projects prior to upgrading. Read on for more information and the associated download links.

Changes and Updates

  • Clothing/NPCs: Preview materials used for skin in Editor Packs now use the Standard shader, versus fancier Skin shaders for Intel-GPU compatibility purposes.
  • Misc: Fixes an error relating to a duplicate menu item
  • Avatar Templates: Additional blend shapes added to HD 2017 avatar models
  • Avatar Templates: 2017 Models now have skins when accessed via their associated FBX
  • Uploader: Removes GTK dependency for MacOS uploader
  • Uploader: New optional native Mac Uploader (does not need Mono installed!)
  • Uploader: MacOS uploader will now install within the editor entirely; use "Space/Tools/Install/Native Mac Uploader" to use.
  • Scripting: Several scripting related bugfixes relating to SMaterials
  • Uploader: Improvements to upload experience on MacOS
  • Avatar Templates: Adds HD avatars & support for higher-definition clothing
  • Clothing: Adds Clothing Preview component
  • Smart Lighting: Smart Lighting Presets now saves snapshots
  • Scripting: Scene Object Database now ignores deleted items
  • Animations: Fixes bug with custom animations not working
  • Scripting: You can now use Lua Tables in network messages
  • Scripting: Adds SAudioReactiveBase for modifying audio reactive components at runtime.
  • Scripting: Adds SLineRenderer which maps Unity's own LineRenderer class.
  • Scripting: Adds STrailRenderer which maps Unity's own TrailRenderer class.
  • Scripting: Adds SUIButton for more easily mapping uGUI buttons.
  • Scripting: Adds SUIDropdown for programmatically editing uGUI dropdown lists.
  • Scripting: Adds SUIToggle for accessing uGUI toggle buttons.
  • New Component: PropertyActivator - allows events to be persisted in the region for affecting states semi-permanently.
  • Scripting: Adds IsAttached property to SAvatar
  • Scripting: Adds SetSiblingIndex to SGameObject
  • Audio Reactive Components: We now have a 'Group' property for grouping components together
  • Scripting: Adds SAudioAnalyser SetGlobalGroupMax and SetGlobalGroupMin for adjusting all hooked audio analysers in the scene (inc. Audio Reactive components)
  • Quests: Quest conversation steps may now use CineMachine Virtual Cameras
  • Quests: Quest Dialogue steps can have OnBefore and OnAfter events
  • Focus Camera: Adds Deactivate method to Focus Camera
  • Quests: Branched Quest Editor Window should now run considerably faster when using quests with lots of steps (30+)
  • Vehicles: Vehicles now despawn after 90 seconds of inactivity (previously 30.)
  • New Component: Adds Flickr and RSS components to Editor Pack
  • Scripting: Adds .RegionID and .InstanceID to SScene
  • Clothing: Improvements to cloth fitter
  • Clothing: Surface Mode setting is now correctly respected in new cloth fitter
  • Avatar Templates: Added four sliders for customizing face.
  • Avatar Templates: Refined facial sliders for facial animation.
  • Quests: Adds custom color support for Dialogue Manager
  • Scripting: SInput's mouse position is now a range of 0..1 instead of 0..N
  • Scripting: Adds Replace() to SString to supplement gsub
  • Scripting: Adds bool SScript.InEditor 
  • Scripting: SGameObject.FindInChildren will now not return silly values when it doesn't find something
  • Scripting: Fixes a number of classes with Scripting not being registered correctly
  • Camera: Camera Pivot now updates in LateUpdate, fixes jittering issue.
  • Creatures: Creatures behave better in scenes without navmeshes
  • Vehicles: Adds preliminary support for wind based boats (please contact if using!)
  • Scripting: Reflecting the change to SInput, all uses of screen coordinates are now normalised in the range 0..1 - this might be a breaking change, so if you use this functionality, please check.
  • Scripting: fixes access of SMaterials[]
  • Scripting: Internal refactor of type registration
  • Scripting: Fixes script execution order on furniture items with regards to Global ID

Download Editor Pack 12.0.4 here.

Written by Adam on Monday December 11, 2017

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