Editor Pack - 11.0.1 Beta

Hi everyone,

This update contains all the updates we've done to the 11.1 preview editor pack, a download link is attached below for people interested in trying it out. Be aware, this is an experimental editor pack, so we advise backing up your project before updating to this version. (The current stable release is 10.8). Read on for the full list of changes in this editor pack since 10.8. For many of these features, you will need to be using the beta 10.25 viewer.

Major differences

The Virtual Good component has been massively upgraded to make it easier to use. Previous tutorials will need to be updated to work with the new layout. Likewise the Clothing Item Settings component has also been upgraded - and while the individual components are still there, they have been categorised and grouped.

Changes and Improvements

  • Scene Background Music (Shoutcast/Icecast streaming): Now has a optional AudioSource field which can be used to route streaming audio to a custom spatialised location within the scene (and use all associated effects, e.g. highpass/lowpass/echo/reverb/etc.)
  • Clothing: Added a stripping routine which reduces the amount of data packed with clothing, on average, reduces clothing filesizes by around 2mb per item (this is redundant internal data).
  • Clothing: Pattern and texture resolution in WebGL will default 256px unless specifically overridden. Please do not adjust this without good reason (i.e. atlases are in use), as this is important to making WebGL usable for most users.
  • Virtual Goods: Added 'Structure' sub-category to 'Furniture' category by default for buildings/structures
  • Virtual Goods: Fixes an issue where texture crunching would not work 
  • Uploader: Uploader will strip items stored in the Space Master Folders to prevent redundant uploads of files we already have (specifically: Runtime Project, Artist Project, Spacepack)
  • Scripting: Added .SpotAngle to SLight class to allow you to change spotlight angles
  • Scripting: Added support for Lua metatables
  • Costumes: Added support for lip-sync if appropriate blend shapes are present.
  • Virtual Goods: Added new 'Promotions' section on virtual goods, declare if you're happy for your items to be included in sales events, giveaways and so forth.
  • Lighting: When the ambient lighting mode is set to 'skybox' instead of 'gradient' or 'color' we now double the contribution to more closely match the editor (note: we've been told this might be overdoing it, we'll reduce it to 1.5x in a future update.); be aware for precision, use the gradient or color modes.
  • Scripting: The VM has been refactored, and it should no longer be possible for scripts to accidentally leak information into each other.
  • Scripting: Events will no longer queue for firing if the runtime is disabled.
  • Scripting: More information is added about scripting faults.
  • Clothing: Attachments may now be unisex
  • Scripting: Added a .AsText property to SResource allowing you to open TextAssets as text files.
  • Modular Vehicles: Added a 'Allow Mouse' to control modular forces by the mouse
  • Modular Vehicles: Fixed issues with hover-type vehicles not respecting hover forces
  • Processor: We now strip shaders more effectively, reduces filesize by a reasonable amount on exported scenes.
  • Landmarks: Landmarks now ignore X and Z rotational axes.
  • Clothing: 'Preparing' clothing now uses more KD-Trees internally, should be faster for complex clothing.
  • Scripting: Added .SetPostProfile(SResource x) and .ClearPostProfile() methods to SPostFX to let you adjust post profiles at runtime
  • Exclude Object: The 'exclude object' component has been bugfixed, you can now reliably strip objects from various platforms (i.e. webgl)
  • Reflection Probes: We now allow scenes to include Realtime Reflection Probes again.
  • Quest Editor: Expanded maximum step size for conversations to 64 to match viewer changes
  • Clothing: Added support for new cloth fitting algorithms
  • Substances: Added new menu items to Space/Tools/Substance menu for pre-setting substances for runtime or baked loading
  • Clothing: Clothing inspector has been completely overhauled.
  • Scripting: Adds .Parameters property to SAnimator to return all parameters in an animation controller
  • Scripting: Adds .HasShardProperties to SNetwork to return if shard properties have been obtained
  • Scripting: Adds .MainCamera property to SCameraManager which returns a SGameObject referencing the MainCamera (read-only)
  • Scripting: Adds .InvokeDelayed(method, delay) method to SHost which invokes a callback function on a delay
  • Scripting: Adds a .Find() method to SGameObject which searches the transform hierarchy
  • Clothing: Adds support for Tattoo/Make Up layers and associated gameobjects
  • Creatures: Totally new pet components, pets can be rezzed and will give rewards when they get near another pet (errata: missing a component here for custom design, will be addressed in 11.2)
  • Scripting: Adds .Avatar property to SGameObject for accessing NPCs avatar components
  • New Component: Use the StreamedTexture component to enable Desktop sharing, and 'cross-network rendertexture sharing' (useful for streaming purely client-side visualisations generated by scripting, browser surfaces, etc.)
  • Modular Vendor: Now has fields to display the designed skeleton/gender for a clothing item.
  • Hair: Added new built-in standard hair shaders (blog post pending)
  • Smart Lighting Presets: Smart lighting presets will now take screenshots properly for use in previewing a preset.
  • Virtual Goods: Virtual goods component has been completely overhauled and should be easier to use.
  • Menu Cleanup: Moves a stray menu item to the Space/ menu structure
  • Scripting: WebRequest error messages for domains without the 'space-OK' text file is clearer
  • Scripting: Adds SScript.GetResource(string resourceName) for handy resource access
  • Menu Cleanup: Cleaned up and removed a number of irrelevant options in Space/ menu
  • Clothing: Fixed an error in some internal baked data relating to mesh positioning. Mostly affects new cloth fitting algorithm, but may fix some unreported issues with resizing caused by avatar sliders.
  • Auto Screenshot Tool: You can now take screenshots of your virtual goods, for the inspector, automatically. We'll post a blog on exactly how to use this new tool, but should make creators lives easier.
  • Quick Furniture Window: Added new Quick Furniture Importer window for quickly importing/setting up furniture.
  • Furniture Mass Import: You can now select one (or many) furniture 3D models, and automatically convert them to furniture in the space furniture/room system; see Space/Quick Start/Furniture/Make furniture from selection.
  • Scripting: Send/Recieve Network Mesasge function now also accepts Tables, not just primitive types & arrays of primitive types.
  • Region Quickstart: Added new File -> New Sinespace Scene which generates a new scene with appropriate lighting, a landmark and a scene settings, ready to upload.
  • Space Window: The editor packs now have a 'Welcome' window which includes information about the current release.


You can get a copy of the editor pack from this link here: Download 11.0.1. (Note: experimental, we advise backing up your work.)

Written by Adam on Monday October 30, 2017

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