Easter Celebrations Reminder!

Here is a run down of all of the events for tomorrows' easter celebrations!

Event Timings:

Egg Hunting Contest! The eggs will be hidden around these regions: De Landria Isla, Steam Lake Winter, Convergence, Relto Island and Lothranis, then 'Basket of Eggs' contest judging in the Welcome Center at 7PM UTC/3PM EST/12PM PST

DJ Yer will be hosting a Easter Party and Costume Contest in 381 Club at 10PM UTC/6PM EST/3PM PST

To round off the evening, Torben Asp will be performing in his region Ethereal at 12AM UTC/8PM EST/5PM PST.

We hope to see you all for our Easter celebrations, and good luck to everyone who will be entering these fabulous contests! 

For more info on these events, please see the Easter Celebrations blog here.

Written by Hannah on Friday March 30, 2018