Easter Celebrations!

Celebrate Easter in Sinespace with a variety of fun events!

To kick off the Easter celebrations, we are starting a contest this week which will run until 31st March. The "Basket of Eggs" contest will include a template which you can download here and use in Unity; It contains a sample prefab and the .dae file. The contest is to decorate the eggs with any weird and wacky designs you want! If you are feeling creative, you can also make your own basket of eggs from scratch! To be considered in the contest, you need to upload the basket as a Spawnable furniture item before 6PM UTC/2PM EST/11AM PST on the 31st March; You will need to spawn the basket in the Welcome Center for judging at 7PM UTC/3PM EST/12PM PST

The prize for the egg decorating contest is 1000 Gold for first place, and 500 Gold for the runner-up.

Ruby will be holding a Texture Painting Class on 21st March at 7:30PM UTC/3:30PM EST/12:30PM PST in Atheneum Year One to help users who want to texture the eggs in Blender. She will help you import the eggs into Unity from Blender for the final decoration.

We are also holding a Egg Hunting contest from the 23rd March! The eggs will be hidden around these regions: DeLandria Isla, Steam Lake Winter and Convergence; Your task is to collect as many as you can. You will need to buy the empty egg basket from the Shop to put the eggs in. Both the basket and the eggs are furniture items, which can be put together with the Edit Room tools. Once you have made a beautiful basket of eggs, take a picture of them, and upload it to our Flickr page by midnight on 31st March. We will announce the winner on the 1st of April; The winner will win 500 Gold, second place will win 2500 Silver and third place will win 1500 Silver.

Ghaelen will be playing Spring/dance music during the basket of eggs judging in the Welcome Center, so you can dance around and enjoy the music whilst waiting for the results!

DJ Yer will be hosting a Easter Party and Costume Contest in 381 Club at 10PM UTC/6PM EST/3PM PST. The contest is to make your own designs on her Easter Egg Costume template, which you can find here. The download file contains an fbx, photoshop files, and also a unity package of the costume. You can recolor/texture it using either Photoshop or use the materials in Unity. Make sure you submit the designs of the costume by 31st March at 6PM UTC/2PM EST/11AM PST latest to make sure you have it uploaded in time to wear at the event!

The winner of the costume contest will win 1000 Gold, and the runner-up will win 500 Gold. 

To round off the evening, Torben Asp will be performing in his region Ethereal at 12AM UTC/8PM EST/5PM PST.

We hope to see you all for our Easter celebrations, and good luck to everyone who will be entering these fabulous contests! 

To join in on these events, join Sinespace now!

Written by Hannah on Wednesday March 21, 2018