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Release Notes - 2018.3


Hi everyone - we've got a truly massive release today - it's been a while since our last official release, and this one is a bumper update. We'll be posting a series of articles over the next week showcasing the new improvements individually, but read on to see the list of what we've got in store for you with the 2018.3 release today!

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Written by Adam on Wednesday March 7, 2018

Release Notes - 0.12.11


Hi everyone, we have a update to the live servers today - this is mostly a bugfixing release, but has a few new features. We also have a Preview release coming soon, which we'll post notes on as well and has a larger feature set. Read on for the full list of changes since 10.31.

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Written by Adam on Wednesday December 13, 2017

Editor Pack - 12.0.4 Beta


Hi everyone,

We've got a update to the Editor Packs for everyone today - this is an experimental update, so as usual, please backup your projects prior to upgrading. Read on for more information and the associated download links.

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Written by Adam on Monday December 11, 2017

Viewer Update - Release Notes 0.10.31


Hi everyone, we're releasing an update for 64-bit Windows today to address a critical bug relating to client scripting. A Mac, Linux and 32-bit Windows version of 10.31 will be availible later today; however the 10.18 client is unaffected by the bug in question.

This update however, also contains a large number of extra fixes and improvements we had planned on releasing tomorrow. Read on for the full release notes since 10.25. (Note: 10.25 was a substantial release, you may want to check the release notes for that release too)

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Written by Adam on Tuesday October 31, 2017

Scripting Docs & Autocomplete Update


We've regenerated and updated our scripting docs and autocomplete files for ZeroBrane.

The latest scripting docs for the 10.25 viewer (and EP11.0.1) are availible here: - examples and documentation are availible on the wiki in our Scripting Reference. The automated scripting docs are up to date and should reference the latest functions/methods availible to use.

The latest ZeroBrane autocomplete file is availible here:

As a somewhat interesting but unrelated note, the size of the autocomplete has over doubled in the past 3 months since the last generation. If you run into any issues with these docs, please report them on our forums.

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Written by Adam on Monday October 30, 2017