Viewer v2021.9f16040 (Orange) - Release Notes

We are excited to bring you our latest release, with tons of new features,  improvements and many pesky bugs hammered out.

With the new revamped network architecture, we are one of the first metaverses to support 500 concurrent users in a single region. Let's see those dancing moves and create the busiest virtual nightclub experience.

We’ve introduced display names, so you don't have to rely on finding a name that is not taken and represents your virtual identity the way you want.

In our attempt to make things easier to use for new users, we have revamped our outfit window & event system from group up. We Would love to hear your thoughts.

Now let’s look at some of those features in more detail:



  • We have updated our login screen to show fantastic images of the worlds created by our users without being obstructed by the login window and let users quickly sign up or log in. 

  • We have improved the sign-up flow for new users to be more straightforward, along with new default avatars:

  • We have also added a logout button, so users can quickly return to the login screen to switch to their alternative self or even to return to the live server after creating and viewing items in preview! 


  • Introducing display names as non-unique names. Display Names are non-unique now and allow users to register seamlessly without trying to find a name that has not been used. For new users, the user name is auto-generated from the display name. This name change will show in chat, above the user's head and in their profile.

  • In chat and profile, the user name and display name are displayed to prevent users from impersonating others. In future, we are adding special colour display names for admin users.

  • Display names can be changed at any time by the user using the profile window.

  • Users can change their name using the avatar renamer in the welcome centre. In the future, we will add an option for all users to change their user name once and for premium users, once every 30 days.


Made several changes to the outfit window to improve the UX flow:

  • New height slider: Added a height slider in the main outfit window. The height of a custom full-body avatar can now be adjusted. Users can change height easily.

  • The ‘Create New Outfit’ button has been moved to the bottom right of the main window.

  • Outfit search option: Added a search bar to the outfit list tab of the outfit window so users can search for outfits.

  • Outfits can be renamed in the outfit list tab by clicking on the name.

  • New face presets: Added 5 new face presets for the users.

  • Body presets no longer modify the face.

  • Renamed the ‘Appearances’ to “Body & Shape.”

  • Renamed the ‘Customize’ tab to “Details.”

  • The option to copy the body and morph shape is now available under the details tab at the top, indicated by the copy icon. (Copy body and shape morph is an advanced feature for creators) - this was moved from the body & shape preset tab not to confuse new users and to keep the tab only for simple customisation)

Details Tab Improvements

  • On the Details tab, added collapsable sub-categories so users can easily modify the category they need.

  • Detail tab sub-categories have a global option to minimise or expand all.

  • Randomisation is now a separate section on the Details tab. The “Back” button text has been updated to “Undo Randomization.” and added a tooltip explaining how after randomisation only affects morph values.

  • Added a global undo and reset at the bottom of the detail tab. Undo - takes a step back and reset - resets all modifications made since the last save.

  • Improved names of a few sliders, which weren’t appropriate:

    • "Neck Size" → "Neck Width." is used to modify neck width.

    • "Shoulder Size" → "Shoulder Height” is used to alter shoulder height.

    • "Feet Length" → "Ankle Length” is used to change ankle length.

  • On the Wearing Tab, items have the edit item button to open their details - this matches the function of the Wardrobe tab.

  • On the ‘Wearing Tab’, when users are in ‘grid view’ mode, they can now click an item to remove it and click on the edit icon to go to the detail view.

  • Equipped morphs have moved from the Body and Shape tab to the Wearing tab, similar to other equipped items.

  • Under the Skins tab, the selected skin clearly shows its shade, shininess, and bumpiness values under the details tab.

  • Materials now show the actual material name uploaded with the virtual good..

  • Completely redesigned the outfit window and added a background option to the outfit window. 

  • Added six preset body shapes for users to choose from or completely customise their own. [ In future, we will be separating face and body presets and have six face and six body presets.]

  • Equipped clothing items show in the Wardrobe tab - previously, only the wearing tab showed it.

  • Enlarged icons for better visibility.

  • Wardrobe will only show a non-empty category.


  • Added an option to reset the region to Default in the room editor. 

  • Added an option to rename object names in the room editor.

  • Added option to reset the sky-editor to the regions default settings

  • Voice Indicator: overhauled and created as name tag background, so they are more prominent and easier to identify who is talking.

  • Added input support for Xbox triggers.


  • Added language translations on the login page.


  • SNetwork.SendNetworkMessageToUser(string key, Table message, uint userID); Sends a networked message to only a single user instead of all users in a region.

  • SNetwork.SubscribeToRegionPropertyUpdate(string key, Action<NetworkPropertyUpdate> onRecieve) where NetworkPropertyUpdate = { Key: "property_name", Message: "property_value" }; Trigger an action when the subscribed region property is updated.


  • Data Privacy: Analytics and Marketing Consent: Users can opt-out of analytics and marketing by not opting in for it. 

  • Network Architecture Upgrade: We have done a significant update to the network architecture, improving platform-wide performance of any network event. The upgrade will act as a base for allowing us to fully support up to 500 users in a single region in the upcoming releases. Some of the improvements as a result of it are:

    1. Vehicle sync performance improvements

    2. Network script improvements

    3. Avatar movement improvements.

    4. Overall server load improvements

  • Connection Status Indicators - You will see an informational notification and a small icon when there is a connection problem. The three issues are: “Disconnected From the Network”, “Cannot Connect to Chat”, and “Data Cannot be Synchronised With Our Servers”. The viewer will check every few seconds to see if the issue resolves, but you can press “Reconnect” on the pop-up to try and solve the problem.

  • While in VR mode, you can rotate the avatar with the right controller pad when not in a menu or teleporting.

  • Added a new component in Edit Room which allows users to cover the top of all items in the screen space with a pre-defined texture and colour (made for “create snow cover” effect).

  • Added the option to add a Developer to Region roles.

  • Added the option to modify password on the desktop viewer.

  • Added the function to be able to change the display name of a game object/furniture item in the scene. Please note that this is only changed for the current game session.

  • Added scroll function to the right controller pad when UI is visible.

  • Added a Logout option; users can click on the option menu on the top right-hand corner above the mini-map and click logout to log out of the application without closing it.


  1. Translations were added to the Shop window.

  2. Translations were added to the VOIP connection notification.

  3. Translations were added to the Social Score tab of the Profile.

  4. Translations were added to the Advanced tab of Edit Region.

  5. Translations were added to the Access World notification.

  6. Translations were added to Meetings - Create panel.

  7. Translations added to the Mail/Event tab.

  8. Translations were added to the Friends tab and Friend-related notifications.

  9. Added VRDevice status detection to the Login page.

  10. Added a refresh button to the Events window.

  11. Added a Confirm and Save button for renaming items.

  12. Disabled the high-quality skin shading option on Linux viewer.

  13. Disabled native texture decoding on Linux viewer.

  14. Set HiFi Attenuation to -5.

  15. Set non-spatial zone’s gain to 1.

  16. Wardrobe items now use LoopListView to display.

  17. Updated the Outfit window’s Wardrobe tab to only open one category at a time and to hide empty categories.

  18. Updated Appearance built-in preset name from “Curvy” to “Plus”.

  19. Updated Appearance built-in preset name from “Standard” to “Regular”.

  20. Updated English translation for copy clipboard

  21. Updated English translations for Login and Forgot Password windows

  22. Updated some of the Spanish translations

  23. Added “Accept All” and “Accept Selected” options to the Analytics consent pop up


  1. Fixed an issue where the Save button in the Outfit window could not be dragged higher and was hidden.

  2. Fixed an issue with extra button in the Mail tab for Recipient.

  3. Fixed an issue where an Avatar‘s legs would bend while standing on the edge of a chair.

  4. Fixed an issue where the wheelchair did not appear.

  5. Fixed the Auction button not working correctly.

  6. Fixed an issue where items will fail to refresh when a Category in the Shop is empty.

  7. Fixed an issue with tiny text appearing on the loading screen if the region description reaches 200 characters.

  8. Fixed an issue where a username is not displayed fully if the name is 30 characters.

  9. Fixed an issue where the Mail tab was unresponsive after clicking on the “Selected” list before the page fully loads.

  10. Fixed an issue where guest users could not chat, and the Room info would not refresh after their account is upgraded.

  11. Fixed an issue where other users’ vehicle movements were not displaying correctly.

  12. Fixed an issue where the Search panel would not close after logging out of the viewer.

  13. Fixed an issue where the username error message wasn’t visible on the sign-up panel.

  14. Fixed an issue where error messages were not properly visible on the Login page.

  15. Fixed an issue where the number of names in the chat window doesn’t change when an avatar enters or leaves a region.

  16. Fixed an issue where the Info window under Profile would be unreadable if a special character is added to a username.

  17. Fixed an issue where switching from VR mode to non-VR mode would cause UI drag and UI pointer not to work correctly.

  18. Fixed an issue where the Voice Chat button was not updated when the status was changed from Muted to Unmuted.

  19. Fixed an issue where specific region names caused teleports to fail.

  20. Fixed an issue where a user could not change outfits in the Outfit window.

  21. Fixed an issue where an object’s unlock status was not updated in Edit Room until the avatar moved.

  22. Fixed an issue where some event dates were not correct in the Event tab.

  23. Fixed an issue where the event information will disappear if an invited user clicks on the Accept or Decline button.

  24. Fixed an issue where names with special characters could still be saved after clicking on “X” to close the Profile window,

  25. Fixed an issue where avatars would get stuck halfway through loading on login.

  26. Fixed an issue with the hands of avatars in VR mode.

  27. Fixed an issue where the loading screen would still be visible even though the user has closed the Shop.

  28. Fixed an issue with no content in the Chat window while using Alt+Left/Right to switch chat tabs.

  29. Fixed an issue where the error message does not display correctly when resetting password.

  30. Fixed an issue where users cannot enter a region if they log out and then register for a new account

  31. Fixed an issue where entering a six-character password would cause errors on new signups.

  32. Fixed an issue where clicking on “Settings” would cause avatars to crouch.

  33. Fixed an issue where logging out from one account and switching to a new one would cause the profile picture to be wrong.

  34. Fixed an issue where the number of participants was incorrect in the Event window.

  35. Fixed an issue where the “Data provided is incorrect” error message would pop up after logging out.

  36. Fixed an issue with saving outfits in the Outfit window - Copying the current outfit will save the current clothes to the new outfit.

  37. Fixed an issue where the checkbox while creating an event in the Event tab would not be checked while choosing users manually.

  38. Fixed an issue where selecting all attendees in the event panel was not working correctly.

  39. Fixed an issue where some of the Enter buttons in the Event window were not working.

  40. Fixed an issue where the Delete and Edit panel does not disappear after clicking on Delete in the Event window.

  41. Fixed an issue where gestures would break if three or more were played in the same place.

  42. Fixed an issue where the middle mouse button would not scroll on the Sign-up panel.

  43. Fixed an issue where windows and tabs were still open after logging out of the viewer.

  44. Fixed an issue where the Shop gender filters do not always match with the current avatar gender.

  45. Fixed an issue where the Face Type slider in the Outfit window was not changing the face type/shape of the avatar.

  46. Fixed an issue where if registration is not completed after choosing a username, the error message “the username already exists” will show.

  47. Fixed an issue where you cannot return to the Avatar Selection window while registering a new account.

  48. Fixed an issue where changing details of worn items would not return the panels to normal after clicking on other tabs in the Outfit window.

  49. Fixed an issue where trying to scroll in the Outfit window or Chat window would cause scrolling in both windows (Outfit and Chat)

  50. Fixed an issue where hotkeys Alt+Left/Right arrow will trigger changing the chat tab and also move the camera.

  51. Fixed an issue where wearing the “Throw Snowball” gesture was not removable from wearing items when the gesture is deleted from the Inventory.

  52. Fixed an issue where male skins stayed on the avatar even after changing the gender to female.

  53. Fixed an issue where the Arrow button of Register New Account could not be clicked.

  54. Fixed an issue where if a child item contains furniture in the Edit Room window, it will not save the modification properly.

  55. Fixed various grammar and spelling mistakes in viewer windows and tabs.

  56. Fixed an issue where a region name greater than 15 characters does not show correctly in the “Arriving At” box.

  57. Fixed an issue where the Shop was not correctly sorting all items by Gold/Silver.

  58. Fixed an issue where only a small selection of items showed when “All” is selected in the Shop window.

  59. Fixed an issue where outfits could not be deleted in the Outfit window.

  60. Fixed an issue where the viewer server script editor had duplicated text.

  61. Fixed an issue where if avatars teleported to a vertical room, the avatar could walk on the wall.

  62. Fixed an issue where users could select too many skins and shapes simultaneously but would not be visible on the avatar.

  63. Fixed an issue where the Outfit category tag background disappeared.

  64. Fixed an issue where wearing a full custom avatar would not allow you to customise anything.

  65. Fixed an issue where selecting multiple clothing items would cause the avatar to stay undressed.

  66. Fixed an issue where the avatar and outfit name could sometimes be obscured in the Outfit window.

  67. Fixed an issue where PostZone Camera settings would not apply to latch and fly cameras.

  68. Fixed an issue where the menu colour of the viewer does not match the custom theme colour.

  69. Fixed an issue where buying and wearing a full avatar costume first and then previewing in the Shop would cause the patterns not to show correctly.

  70. Fixed an issue where items were duplicated in the Room Editor without the Duplicate option.

  71. Fixed an issue on the Feedback window where the tick colour was grey and the background was pink.

  72. Fixed an issue where current morphs could not be copied in the Outfit window.

  73. Fixed an issue where the Auction window’s border did not align properly.

  74. Fixed an issue where the name and description were missing from the Room Info window.

  75. Removed the ability to use “|” character in Display Names.

  76. Fixed an issue where Display Names did not appear in the Chat window.

  77. Fixed an issue where sitting players could not be seen.

  78. Fixed an issue where players could sit in the air.

  79. Fixed an issue where the change Avatar Name service in the Welcome Centre would show a user’s Display Name instead of their User Name.

  80. Fixed an issue where the seats were out of sync for users.

  81. Fixed an issue where multiple colour pickers could be opened in the Outfit Customization window.

  82. Fixed an issue with the Outfit window’s main category button’s clickable area being too small.

  83. Fixed an error with Mail and Display Names.

  84. Fixed an issue where the Outfit window’s Customise tabs were not showing correct information when changing tabs.

  85. Fixed an issue where the Customise Skins’ colour picker would not display the selected colour.

  86. Fixed an issue where the middle mouse button and zooming in the Outfit window would distort the camera.

  87. Fixed an issue where members added to a region would default to VIP status.

  88. Updated the copyright on the Login window.

  89. Fixed an issue where the Skin list did not update when a new outfit with another gender skeleton was created

  90. Fixed an issue where the currently equipped Skin icon did not update when switching skins

  91. Fixed an issue where users could not paste into the in-viewer script editor

  92. Fixed an issue where global voice zones added by script with VIVOX Voice would disconnect

  93. Fixed an issue where clickable items wouldn’t appear in the Outfit window

  94. Fixed an issue where on the registration page where no avatar presets would be displayed

  95. Fixed an issue where Agora cannot get video surfaces

  96. Fixed an issue where English was not displayed when a translation could not be found

  97. Standardised some of the date formats

Written by Paul on Friday September 9, 2022

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