Sinespace version 2022.1f16419 Patch Notes

We have just released an update to our viewer, adding improvements to enhance your virtual world experience.

Download the latest viewer update hereĀ

Fixes in this release

  • Fixed issue when Region URLs are clicked externally it fails to send you to that region

  • Fixed issue where URLs in chat window have the sad face emoji in them

  • Fixed "Loading Item 100%" permanently appearing

  • Fixed issue in the Outfit list where typing a capital letter in search doesn't return correct results

  • Fixed issue where using search in the Room Editor displays broken heirarchies

  • Fixed chat disconnecting errors

  • Fixes and optimizations to the behaviour of the connection issues panel

  • Fixed the scripting function spelling SNavMeshAgent.Wrap (from Warp)

  • Fixed an issue where Browser Surfaces on mesh objects were being blocked by trigger colliders

  • Fixed an issue where user crashes while closing the viewer

Written by Paul on Monday December 19, 2022

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