Upcoming Feature Preview

Here is a little bit of a teaser on the upcoming features in Sinespace in the next month!

Inspector Tool: What would you change if you could change anything? Now's your chance to find out. Check out our new inworld inspector, which lets you edit things in Sinespace directly, the same as you would directly in the powerful Unity3D editor! You can change the wall colors and texture of the walls, change colors of items, their shapes, sizes and more from the Room Editor window! 

Use the Inspector tool to change the lighting in the region, as shown in the above video, to give the region more ambience, or to create a different kind of mood. Want to swap a region from day to night? Try changing the lighting to look like night, or, ramp up the red glow to make it look like an evil lair. With the tool that lets you customise everything, why not create something from the depths of your imagination?

Archimatix: Archimatix is a powerful node-based parametric modeling extension for Unity that helps you quickly create mutable props and rich, variable environments. Intergrating Archimatix into Sinespace means that creators will be able to create powerfully modifiable objects and sell them in-world. After being placed, these models can be easily shaped and modified, making the whole process of designing much easier, even for 3D modelling beginners! For more information on Archimatix, please see their website. 

Camera: We're overhauling our camera controls, it's been long requested - but our alt-rclick mode is getting a replacement; making it easier for you to navigate your camera through the world. Stay tuned for more details soon.

Interactivity framework: We've added support for a whole host of new interactive elements to make building interesting experiences easier. Pickup, twist, grab, drop and move objects around using real physics - with full support for VR headset users too. Build a door where you can literally grab the handle in VR and open it. This opens the door to a whole new layer of experiences (... please forgive the pun!).

Look forward to a whole bunch more soon to be announced features too!

Written by Hannah on Thursday April 26, 2018