S7 - The 7th Sinespace Anniversary

17th November 2023 4 PM UTC at the Sinespace Show region.

Greetings, Sinespace residents and enthusiasts! The time has come to celebrate the vibrant, diverse individuals that make our virtual world exceptional. The 7th Annual Sinespace Awards spotlight the incredible talent, creativity, and positive contributions our community brings. Adam Frisby will host his annual discussion on what is coming next. 

4 PM UTC - Welcome and Network 

4.20 PM UTC Quiztastic 

Test your general knowledge, learn totally random facts and get competitive by participating in our quiz. Our very own Georgina will set the tone for the event with her vibrant energy and her knack for creating an electric atmosphere, attendees can expect to be swept up in a whirlwind of excitement and laughter.  Even staff don’t know what the questions will be. 

5 PM UTC - The Awards

You spoke, we listened, the all new Awards for 2023. Let's delve into the exciting categories that will honour the crème de la crème of our Sinespace community:

Virtual Fashionista Award: In a world where pixels meet haute couture, the Virtual Fashionista Award recognises the avatar that stands out as a beacon of style and creativity.

Master Builder Award: For those who wield the power of creation within Sinespace, the Master Builder Award acknowledges the virtuosos of virtual architecture.

Digital Daredevil Award: In a world where the only limit is imagination, the Digital Daredevil Award celebrates the avatars who embrace daring adventures.

Community Champion Award: In the heart of every vibrant community lies its champions. The Community Champion Award is dedicated to the user who has positively impacted the Sinespace community. 

Virtual Visionary Award: This prestigious accolade goes to the user who has introduced groundbreaking ideas, technologies, or concepts, significantly enhancing the Sinespace experience for all users.

Gamification Guru: Sinespace's gamification tools open up a realm of possibilities, and the Gamification Guru Award acknowledges the individual who has demonstrated the most imaginative, innovative, and extraordinary use of these tools.

6 PM UTC - Adam, the first avatar in Sinespace

What is he going to say? Get your questions answered!  Pick his brain!  Adam will take centre stage for his annual address, a tradition eagerly awaited by the Sinespace community. It's a rare opportunity to gain insights into upcoming features and the exciting developments shaping our digital experiences in the coming months. 

6.45 PM UTC Closing Ceremony - SURPRISE VENUE

So, mark your calendars and prepare for a night to remember. The Sinespace 7th Annual Community Awards, coupled with Adam's Annual Presentation, is a spectacle that embodies the spirit of innovation, community, and boundless possibilities. We can't wait to see what the night unfolds and the exciting journey ahead for all of us in Sinespace!

Written by Paul on Friday November 10, 2023