Halloween 2023 in Sinespace


From October 24th to 31st, DragonGirl's Lair hosts The Great Pumpkin Quest, challenging participants to find 10 hidden pumpkins for a chance to win 150 gold. Meanwhile, the Spooky Maze presents Bobbing For Apples from October 30th to November 1st, where players can click on apples to earn 200 gold.

Throughout the week, various Halloween-themed events take place, including spooky tours, themed parties, and music gatherings. Notable activities include A Nightmare Before Halloween at the Vault on October 26th, the Monster Mash Competition at 381 Club with Kat on October 29th, and the Halloween Bash featuring Jeff Wayne's Rock Musical adaptation of "War of the Worlds" on October 31st, concluding the week's festivities.

All times are in UTC.


Running 24th to the 31st

It's The Great Pumpkin Quest at DragonGirl's Lair. Find 10 pumpkins and win 150 gold.

Running 30th October to 1st November

Bobbing For Apples at Spooky Maze.

Oct. 30th 1pm UTC  - Nov. 1st 1am UTC. Remember that fun Halloween activity as a kid, when you would try grabbing an apple from a community bucket of water using your mouth? Swapping spit with all of your little friends to get your teeth into an apple, pulling it up out of the water to be a winner? This will be just a little different. 


This is a find-and-click event. Find an apple and click on it.  After you have clicked on all of the apples, you will get 200 gold when Punkster is inworld. There will be a board to refer to, to help keep track of the apples you have found and haven't found.  Punkster says: “Happy Halloween! Good luck and thank you for playing.”



10pm to Midnight - Spooktacular Tour - Meet at WC

Grab your brooms for a frightful flight into all the Halloween regions created by Sinespacers. Turbo sweepers are allowed. 

Midnight to 2am - Ubie at Ice


2 to 4pm - Buzzz at The

The Magik is stirring, and it's coming your way,all will be prosperous on this very special day! Tricks & Treats for all.

4 to 5pm - Community Hour Spooktacular Tour - Meet at LocalHost.

Grab your brooms for a frightful flight into all the Halloween regions created by Sinespacers. Turbo sweepers allowed. 


9 to 10pm - A Nightmare Before Halloween at the Vault.

Hear the full soundtrack to The Night Before Christmas

10 to Midnight - National Pumpkin Day at The Vault.

Bingo and a quest for Gold. Music and fun with friends. DJ Mizz will be playing tunes from the Grooveyard.

Midnight to 2am - Ubie in the WC

Tricks, Treats and Pumpkin Spice! 


10 to Midnight - Ziggies 

Midnight to 2am - Ambient Lounge "Trick Or Treat" 

Celebrate over 60 years with Ghouls & Ghosts and Monster Mash!  Gold Prizes for 1st & 2nd Place (contest board, must be in costume to qualify) Tunes, and mesmerizing visuals to set the mood!

2 to 4am - Country & Western at Halloween Country Event

Favourite Halloween Costume competition for gold prizes.


10pm to Midnight - 381 Club with Kat

“Get your spook on” Competition. Gold prizes.

Midnight to 2am - Ziggies

SUNDAY 29th 

10 to Midnight - 381 Club with Kat

Monster Mash Competition. Gold prizes.

Midnight to 1am - Les in the WC

1 to 3am - The Moon Queen welcomes you to Sky Mill Village.

A haunted place far beyond the sky where the ones who have gone before, now live in another person's story. UnoSi & Trivia challenges for Gold & Silver Prizes. Friends and Music. Spooky Tunes with DJ Mizz.


4 to 5pm - Join the Greeters
& Guides for Halloween


Show us your Halloween Spirit!

10.30pm to 1am - Merry Hell. 

A Halloween Party full of tricks and treats Halloween tunes and more with Mimi and DJ Mizz


9 to Midnight - The Halloween Bash at World Invasion

Everyone is welcome to enjoy Jeff Wayne's Rock Musical adaptation of the HG Wells book, "War of the Worlds". This is a classic rock recording with David Essex, Justin Hayward, Richard Burton, and more. This truly incredible album became a commercial success in the UK, peaking at number 5 on the chart there and has sold an estimated 15 million copies worldwide. Jointly hosted by Mizz and Lesiar.

Midnight to 2am - Ubie at ICE

Unruly Blues rounding up our Halloween-themed entertainment. A mix of great Graveyard Hits. Bring your favourite Halloween Jokes!

Written by Paul on Monday October 23, 2023