Live Release Update and Creator 9.21 Release Notes

Hi everyone, A few quick notes - we've got several releases happening this week; the following details what we're doing today. Read on for full details.

First, the 9.19 viewer availible to creator viewers earlier in the week is being moved into our live channel today for Windows users.

For Mac users, we're holding that release until we've completed a bug fix affecting teleports between certain regions, which will be released tomorrow, until then, the stable version for macOS will remain at 9.05 until that bugfix is ready (we have now isolated the cause).

Finally, later today we will be releasing a quick 9.21 update for Windows to the creator viewers, this includes only a small number of fixes related to the scripting VM. Mac and Linux versions will be released tomorrow; along with the bugfix to the teleport issue for macOS users.

Specifically, 9.21 will contain:

  • Scripting: The internal VM has been refactored to ensure complete seperation of runtime contexts, scripts should no longer be able occasionally impact other scripts as we no longer share any context data. This fixes a host of reported issues over the past few weeks.
  • Scripting: OnUpdate, OnFixedUpdate, OnLateUpdate and other events will no longer queue while a runtime is disabled (and unload all at once the first frame it is flipped back on).
  • Scripting: Script faults will provide greater debug information in certain contexts.
  • General: Fixes a issue with certain settings being loaded at incorrect times.

Written by Adam on Thursday September 21, 2017

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