Creator Viewer - Release Notes 0.9.19

Hi everyone, just a quick update to our previous viewer from yesterday, we missed a small handful of fixes, the majority of which are specific fixes to our lighting/rendering pipeline. If you were wondering why the region was too dark when using Skybox based global illumination - we've squashed that in this release, among a few other changes. Todays build will be availible on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux.).

Read on for the full list of changes since yesterday's 0.9.18 release

Known Issues

  • macOS: We've spotted a crash in this release teleporting into the 'Delphi Talks' region using the provided macOS viewer (landing in the region via a direct login is fine). This may affect other regions as well. We'll fix this ahead of general release.


  • Lipsync: Fixes an issue with yesterdays release where it would attempt to drive facial animation on all costume avatars, not just ones with the appropriate blend shapes.
  • Login: The message you get when trying to login to the creator grid, without validating your account has been clarified to indicate what you should do next.
  • Lighting: The ambient skybox contribution has been doubled to more closely align to the original editor specification. (Thankyou to Lex4art for providing a great test scene!)
  • Avatars: Costume avatars are now saved as the 'primary skeleton' internally, this enables a small number of additional features to work when using a costume avatar.
  • Floorplan: We've sped up the inworld build tools in larger scenes - there should be a dramatic improvement in framerate when using inworld build tools in more complicated scenes. (Note: this now relies exclusively on colliders for picking, if you encounter issues, please let us know.)
  • Light Probe Proxy Updater and Reflection Proxy Updater now run on seperated queues to give each a chance to run in more complicated scenes.

Written by Adam on Tuesday September 19, 2017

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