Editor Pack - 10.8 Beta

Hi everyone, we've uploaded a new editor pack to test - read on for the full release notes and known issues. Release notes are as-compared to the 10.7 patches posted in the forums.

Known Issues:

  • Camera: Camera interactions may be unstable, this particularly is likely to affect Quest Cutscenes and use of SCameraManager in scripting. Please report any issues on the forums.

Changes and Improvements:

  • Previewing: You can now spawn a 'PlayerChar' simply by having a Landmark in your scene and hitting 'Play'. No longer do you need to drag it into your scene, just have a Landmark with 'Spawn point' ticked.
  • Bundles: You may now make Virtual Good Bundles containing a collection of virtual goods, which are sold as a single item. Includes a host of probability mechanics to allow the creation of Gatchas, and more.
  • White Label: You can now attach .NET DLLs to your custom branded viewers and utilise classes contained therein as Unity Components using the new 'External Component' behaviour.
  • Scripting: You can now edit scripts in your preferred external editor. We will watch for changes, and update the script code automatically when tabbing back into Unity.
  • Scripting: You can now use the 'Script Libraries' boxes to include code files which will execute before your main code (allowing you to define libraries of prebuilt functions).
  • Scripting: The maximum number of instructions per tick has been increased from 50,000 to 150,000.
  • Scripting: The maximum number of network messages per second has been capped to 10/sec over a 7 second window.
  • Scripting: You can now simulate network messages within the editor preview by selecting the Runtime and using the new features (will only show during 'Play' mode). Paste JSON objects ala; {a: "b", c: "d"} to simulate the Dictionary we pass into scripts.
  • Scripting: The SQuests class has been added, allowing you to navigate Quest steps via script. See the scripting documentation for full class details.
  • Landmarks: Landmarks now have a 'Spawn Radius' parameter which defines a 2D circle in which the avatar may spawn. A gizmo has been added to the landmark indicating the possible radius. Defaults to 0 (i.e. same behaviour as before.)
  • Modular Vendor: Now displays a informational message indicating that it will only preview items by the creator when used on the creator grid.
  • Modular Vendor: Now has a Tooltip property when the activation mode is set to 'Clickable'
  • Seats: Seats now have a variety of events which can be wired up the same as other Activators.
  • Object Database: Scenes now contain an Object Database which can be used for looking up GUID to Object mappings in scripting. (Requires regions be uploaded with 10.8 onwards to work.)
  • Avatars: The new 'Modern Skin' shader and sample materials are now bundled in the editor pack.
  • Input: We've synchronised the latest Input Manager, use Space -> Install Editor Pack Settings to update to the latest. This should synchronise all control inputs.


Note - this is a experimental Beta pack. Please make sure to back up your work before importing this pack. As per other 10.7+ releases, if your project contains a directory named 'Bundled Extensions' - make sure to delete it prior to upgrading.

Download Pack 10.8-Beta

Written by Adam on Monday September 4, 2017

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