Creator Viewer - Release Notes 0.9.1

Hi everyone,

This is the release notes for todays Creator Viewer Release, it also incorporates the changes in the 0.8.24 viewer released last week. We expect to do at least one more creator preview before pushing these features to live. Read on for the full release notes.

  • Bug: Fixed the 'Mysterious White Box' which appeared in regions roughly 300m upwards from the scene origin. 
  • Scripting: Added GetAvatar method to SScene, so you don't need to fetch the full avatar array (lowers memory allocation while using these methods.)
  • Browser Surface: Added two methods - ScrollUp/ScrollDown which can be triggered by activators to scroll the currently active web page.
  • Browser Surface: Browser surfaces with 'networked' ticked, will now show the correct webpage for new visitors to a region.
  • Virtual Good Bundles: You can now sell bundles of items collectively. Bundles can optionally contain logic indicating when/how a item is issued, allowing for random rewards, 'gatchas' and other configurations as built-in functionality. Bundles need to be 'opened' within the viewer to expand their contents.
  • Browser Surface: The browser surface will now use a new User Agent that does not identify as Chrome.
  • Settings: Added new 'Input Sensitivity' sliders which allow you to adjust mouse sensitivity.
  • Quests: You can now add Quests to furniture items, which can be placed via the inworld build tools.
  • Inventory Window: Added a clear button to inventory search panel
  • Bug: If you have a QuestConversation step, with an NPC avatar, the NPCs 'Idle' animation will be correctly restored after completion of the conversation.
  • Bug: 'Guide Runs' (i.e. Click-to-walk) will now terminate when a player is frozen in place via Scripting or other means.
  • Bug: Loading a new region should restore UI if it was disabled via Scripting or Quests.
  • Bug: Client-side network persistent variables will now be reset when exiting a region.
  • Chat/IM: Added a timestamp to inworld chat.
  • Seats: Added four new events e.g. OnSit/OnStand to the SeatImproved component which fire when avatars use the seats.
  • Scripting/C#: Namespace changes to scripting API have been performed in anticipation of general release.
  • Bug: Quest Conversation Steps will now 'cement' the player avatar to the target position correctly.
  • Modular Vendors: You can now alter the Tooltip if using 'Click' for the activation mode.
  • Landmarks: Landmarks may now specify a radius - avatars will land in an area within this radius rather than from a single origin point.
  • Vivox: Fixes a crash that can occur when toggling self mute.
  • Vivox: Fixes for local mute button. (some more changes may occur on Monday relating to scene-specified voice controls)
  • Periodic Effects: LightProxyUpdater and ReflectionProbeUpdater will now fire more regularly at 'Medium' priority.
  • Quest NPC: A scale parameter has been added to the 'Quest Bang' property, allowing resized quest elements.
  • External Components: White Label customers can now attach .NET libraries containing Unity3D Components to their branded viewers. Components must be designed to work within the system, at present.
  • Fly Camera: Fly Camera can now be locked on by pressing F4 twice. While locked, moving your avatar or using other features will no longer reset the fly camera. Press F4 again to release the lock.
  • Performance Presets: We've added four 'preset' buttons to our settings window to tune client performance based on your computer specifications.

Written by Adam on Friday September 1, 2017

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