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'Tis the Season! Concerts and Contests!

'Tis the Season! Concerts and Contests!

Special seasonal events in December!  Read on for some holiday cheer!

| Sunday December 16, 2018
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On December 21 and 22 we have special events that will bring a smile to your face and (maybe) some gold into your pocket.

Libertybelle Lyric

Friday, December 21, 2018

Libertybelle Lyric's Country Christmas 11:00pm UTC, 6:00pm EDT, 3:00pm PDT

  • Libby sings a winter fresh mix of country classics and holiday favorites
  • In the comfy region of Snowtrack's Roadhouse
  • Dance by the campfire or inside by the fireplace

Snow Glow! Holiday Special at SoundBar Region 4am UTC, 11pm EDT, 8pm PDT

  • Attend, dance, and win!

    • This is part two (Snow Glow! Part One is on Thursday at SoundBar: 2am UTC, 9pm EDT, 7pm PDT)
    • Come to both Snow Glow! events and enter to win prizes!


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Best Festive Outfit Contest at 381 Club! 11:00pm UTC, 6:00pm EDT, 3:00pm PDT

  • 381 Club with DJ Yer
  • DJ Yer plays great music for us to dance and tour to.
  • Silver giveaways every 30 minutes!
  • Best Festive Outfit Contest during the event!
    • For all users and creators
    • Contest Info:
      • Grab clothing and wearable accessories from the shop. Create an ensemble that tells us you're wearing the ultimate holiday colors!
      • You can wear your own created clothing, combine your clothing with shop items, or assemble a complete outfit from shop items
    • If your are making your own clothing/accessories, upload your outfit or clothing pieces by party time on December 29 (see above)
      • You should upload to test the fit/look and to pass the Sinespace Review process 24 to 48 hours ahead of the contest time.
    • Judged by your peers using the 381 Club Contest Board.
    • First Prize: 2000 gold
    • Second Prize: 1000 gold

Every Friday

  • Karaoke at Blue Lagoon:  10:00pm UTC, 5:00pm EDT, 2:00pm PDT

  • The Jay & (Nearly Silent) Les Show at Ziggies Nightclub: 11:59pm UTC, 6:59pm EDT, 3:59pm PDT

  • Sassy Ice Races at SassyIceRaces: 3am UTC, 10pm EDT, 7pm PDT

Every Saturday

  • Music with DJ Rosa at GuitaraHalla: 9:00pm UTC, 4:00pm EDT, 1:00pm PDT

  • Music at 381 Club: 11:00pm UTC, 6:00pm EDT, 3:00pm PDT

  • The Jay & (Nearly Silent) Les Show at Ziggies Nightclub: 12:59pm UTC, 7:59pm EDT, 4:59pm PDT

  • Race Meet & Games at Dessert Track: 3am UTC, 10pm EDT, 7pm PDT

  • Sassy Ice Races at SassyIceRaces: 4am UTC, 11pm EDT, 8pm PDT 

Join Sinespace and have fun all season long!

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