St Patrick's Day Celebrations!

Celebrate St Patrick's Day with us!


Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with us in Sinespace! Shamus is back this year and planning more shenanigans. Join in the fun and take the quest to find out what Shamus is up to this time around!


Tuesday 17th March

Best in St. Pat’s Hat with DJ Rosa - at the Catacombs

8pm - 10pm UTC/1pm - 3pm PDT/4pm - 6pm EDT

Get your best hats ready for tonight! DJ Rosa will be spinning the best tunes, as we wear our best hats for Best in St. Pat's Hat! Winners will receive 2000G for 1st, 1000G for 2nd, and 500G for 3rd.

The Fantastic Kelly Jenns LIVE - at the Catacombs

10pm - 11pm UTC/3pm - 4pm PDT/6pm - 7pm EDT 

Kelly has been a professional singer for a number of years, her magical voice will enchant and entertain you.

The Shamus Shindig with the Jay and Les Show - at the Welcome Centre

11pm - Midnight UTC/ 4pm - 5pm PDT/7pm - 8pm EDT

Shamus will be spinning the leprechaun wheel to hand out gold to the lucky winners. 

Unruly Blues - at the Catacombs

Midnight - 2am UTC/5pm - 7pm PDT/8pm - 10pm EDT 

Unruly Blues spinning the tunes for the after-hours party.

Wednesday 18th March

Morning Buzz - at Greenlea

1pm - 3pm UTC/6am - 8am PDT/9am - 11am EDT

Social Hour with a twist of humor. Gossip, Rumors, News and music too. Grab a coffee or your favourite brew and join us for some fun!

Best in Green with DJ Kat - at the 381 Club

10pm - Midnight UTC/3pm - 5pm PDT/6pm - 8pm EDT

Join DJ Yer Playing awesome 80's, 90's and the best of the rest.  Best in Green wins 2000G for 1st place, 1000G for 2nd place.

Thursday 19th March

Spiral Silverstar - at the Ambient Lounge

Midnight - 2am UTC/5pm - 7pm PDT/8pm - 10pm EDT 

Celebrate into the morning with Spiral Silverstar spinning some awesome tunes at the Ambient Lounge

Win GOLD with Shamus

8:30pm  - 10pm UTC/1:30pm - 3pm PDT/4:30pm - 6pm EDT

The Greedy Man is off for the holiday, so take your chances at winning Shamus’ gold while playing Greedy Greedy!! 500G 1st place, 250G 2nd place

Neon Tiger Event

10pm - Midnight UTC/3pm - 5pm PDT/6pm - 8pm EDT

Join DJ Keith at the brand new Neon Tiger Club to mark his first St. Pat’s day event! He’ll be playing some great tunes and throwing a beach party. Best swimwear contest will give you a chance to win 2000 Gold for first place, 1000 gold for 2nd place, and 500 gold for third place!

Friday 20th March

Unruly Blues - at the Welcome Centre

Midnight - 2am UTC/5pm - 7pm PDT/8pm - 10pm EDT 

Join Unruly Blues in the Welcome Centre for an all-out extravaganza complete with trivia questions for your chance to win some gold 

Karaoke - at Blue Lagoon

9pm - 10:30pm UTC/2pm - 3:30pm PDT/5pm - 6:30pm EDT

Karaoke at the Blue Lagoon is always fun and especially during celebrations! Come out and sing your heart out with all your friends, or just listen to other singers from all over the world! 

If you want to join in on our events, sign up now!

Written by Hannah on Thursday March 12, 2020