New Creative Challenge!

Show off your creativity in our new challenge!

Hey everyone!
Starting this week, we are excited to bring you our Creative Challenge! We pick the theme and you can create/recolour/decorate anything you want in Sinespace; let your imagination run wild and unleash your creativity!

This week's theme is Stars and Stripes (anything starred, striped or red, white and blue), just in time for July 4th; it's also International Bikini Day, so have fun making a Stars and Stripes bikini!

Each fortnight we pick a winner when the theme challenge ends and the next one starts. The winner gets a reward and the entry posted on our social media sites as well as in-world. 

You can decorate a region, create your own items or recolour your previously uploaded items!  

We are always open for suggestions to themes you would like to see us cover in the challenges; let us know in-world or on Discord!

For more detailed information please see the forum post here!

Written by Hannah on Monday June 17, 2019