Killer Apps Not the Key to VR

For those of our colleagues who missed Wednesday night's The Delphi Talks on the broad theme of VR and AR and society, here is a link to the video VR/AR  

Questions flowed and included; how important is it that you can use hands but not the keyboard in VR?, where do virtual worlds fit into the  future compared with VR and AR applications? and how do we overcome the issue of vanity (not wanting ruffled hair or to look a bit odd wearing a headset) among the executive crowd? 

We were delighted to be joined by a number of old and new friends.

Guests were left with a sense that killer apps are not the key to VR, of where we can take VR and AR, with some of Jeremy's predictions on where adoption will be slow and fast, when VR will be the norm for business as well as home, and what headset makers will do about the issue of 50% of the population using headsets experiencing some kind of VR sickness (gender bias - female 70%, male 30%).

See The Delphi Talks website for upcoming events 

Written by Unknown on Friday January 12, 2018

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