Succeeding as a retailer in immersive worlds

Come into the Delphi Talks Tuesday 16th January 7PM EST/4PM PST/12AM UTC (Wednesday)  and learn all about starting a brand and business in virtual worlds!

During this weeks Delphi Talk, Maria, editor in chief of Hypergrid Business, draws on her many years as an observer and commentator of successes and failures on efforts to build retail businesses in virtual worlds.

Her extensive knowledge on this subject covers the really exciting aspects of virtual retail products,  such as building a trusted brand, developing a customer base, and where the big money is to be made right now. 

Maria will also offer some insights into the more serious side of the endeavour by talking about protecting IP, having legal contracts and licenses. She will also share key data on areas of business growth. 

Come along and ask questions.

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Written by Unknown on Sunday January 14, 2018