Event Showcase - DJ Yer in 381 Club

Join DJ Kathryn Yer in 381 Club for two special events this February!

DJ Yer has been a resident DJ in Sinespace since the beginning, and has her own club, 381 Club within Sinespace. DJ Yer usually plays a mix of music including 80s, 90s and Oldies. 

On 3rd February at 11:00PM UTC/6:00PM EST/3:00PM PST She will be hosting a contest for the best fantasy creature avatar. The winner of this event will win 25000 Silver, and the runner-up will win 5000 Silver. There will also be music and dancing, so get ready to party!

On 10th February at 11:00PM UTC/6:00PM EST/3:00PM PST Live Country music singer LibertybelleLyric aka Libby will be performing live at The 381 Club.  Do not miss the chance to hear this awesome perfomer live and also take part in a best cowgirl/cowboy avatar contest! The winner of the contest will win 25000 Silver, and the runner-up will win 5000 Silver. 

Other events on this week are:


  • Artist Masterclass with Adam in Welcome Center at 3:00PM UTC/10:00AM EST/7:00AM PST
  • Techincal Office Hours with Adam in Welcome Center at 4:00PM UTC/11:00AM EST/8:00AM PST
  • Fashion Event in (?) at 2:00AM UTC (Thursday)/9:00PM EST/6:00PM PST  


  • Dark Wave in Gothika at 6:00AM UTC (Friday)/1:00AM EST (Friday)/10:00PM PST 


  • Race Meet in Race Meet at 3:00AM UTC/10:00PM EST (Thursday)/7:00PM PST (Thursday)
  • Night Apocalypse in Gothika at 6:00AM UTC (Saturday)/1:00AM EST (Saturday)/10:00PM PST
  • Community Office Hours in Welcome Center at 2:00PM UTC/9:00AM EST/6:00AM PST


  • Relaxation Session with Ghaelen in DeLandria Isle at 7:00PM UTC/2:00PM EST (Sunday)/11:00AM PST (Sunday)
  • Music with DJ Rosa in Guitarahalla at 10:00PM UTC/5:00PM EST/2:00PM PST

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Written by Hannah on Wednesday January 31, 2018