Creator Viewer - Release Notes 0.9.18

Hi everyone,

We've released a couple of hotfixes to the creator viewer branch today, the build is currently windows only, but macOS and Linux builds should be following soon. This is mostly a bugfix release, but read on for the full list of changes; expect another release soon which will contain a few more fixes which did not hit the release window for this viewer.

Update: Sorry! This incorrectly put the version number as 9.19 - it is actually 9.18.

  • Vivox: The mute/un-mute message is now the correct way around
  • Streaming Music: Streaming music can now be routed to a nominated audio source to allow better spatial control over streaming music.
  • WebGL: We've removed a number of whitelisted assets which would not work on WebGL, from WebGL builds to reduce size, this includes FogVolume and our atmospheric scattering solution.
  • Costumes: We've fixed a bug which could cause avatars wearing full-body replacement costumes to fail to load in certain scenarios.
  • Clothing: Processing server change - clothing items now no longer carry a full reference armature in memory; which significantly lowers exported filesizes (typically reduces clothing by around 5mb each). Will lower memory use in areas with lots of avatars significantly.
  • Seats: content using the new Seat events will now work, but will require a reprocess first.
  • Settings: We've added settings to allow you to disable Vivox and Browser Surfaces, disabling these will work around a crash present on out-of-date versions of macOS (anything before OSX 10.11)
  • Clothing: Processing server change, unless you specifically override, clothing will default to 256px resolution in WebGL and Mobile clients.
  • Shop: Added a new "Structure" top-level category in the Furniture section of the marketplace, for buildings, walls, etc.
  • Vivox: Fixed an error where teleporting from a region with Vivox would trigger a UI freeze.
  • Inworld Build Tools: Added a reminder to save your scene, when exiting the room editor without saving.
  • Scripting: Added a .SpotAngle property to the SLight class
  • Shop Window: Fixed an issue where changing pattern on a clothing item could trigger a UI freeze
  • Inventory Window: Fixed an issue where not all inventory items would be displayed
  • Scripting: Allowed usage of Lua Metatables in Lua scripting.
  • Lipsync: Added support for lipsyncs on avatars imported via Adobe Fuse, when used as Quest NPCs, and with non-Vivox voice chat.
  • Scripting: Added a workaround for a scripting bug where scripts could inadventently access another scripts resources, triggering a security exception. Workaround is only enabled on White Label clients.

Written by Adam on Monday September 18, 2017

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