BKR Contest Milestone Winner!

Check out the milestone entries in our Build Kill Repeat FPS map making contest!

Since we’ve extended the deadline of our first-person shooter map contest to May 31st, here’s a look at the early contest submissions which competed for our $500 Milestone Award:

1st Place

Congrats to AnshumanPadhi, who wins the award for “Fantasy BattleGround”! This map is an outdoors space with fun cartoon graphics and lots of variety to the layout. With  numerous hills, trees, rock formations, the map design encourages players to use stealth and strategy during combat; the multiplayer King of the Hill game at the center of the map has exposed stairs, which will make it extra challenging for players to reach the top without getting shot by competitors. Also comes with multiple solo quests for players.

We can’t wait to play the final result! Until then, check out AnshumanPadhi’s website for detailed description on how this map is being constructed.

Runner up

Runner up goes to Zvalle20 who wins $250 for creating this “homage to feudalism with the castle behind the wall. The town is mostly run down and the few people inside are fighting for survival.” His city comes with secret quests in the church and a corn maze, and the city itself is divided into four very different districts for a fun variety of FPS gameplay, including a wealthy neighborhood with many high towers, for vertical, sniper-style combat, and a low-end district that's poorly lit, for suspenseful, close-quarter gunfights (and a place for players to escape and hide).

Honourable mentions

Our honorable mention goes to Esteban, who created a realistic urban area called San Justo, based on the city in Argentina. Sinespace’s San Justo City map comes with a police headquarters, hospital, a train station, and many other locations; each player will have their own vehicle and apartment space, Esteban tells us, and get to go on optional quests, “from rescuing patients with the ambulance, to pursuing criminals with patrol cars.”

We also received interesting milestone entries from Mantra Games, with a map set at a futuristic live concert, featuring four zones streaming different music...

and from Nelson De La Rosa, who’s creating a map with combat set on top a massive spaceship.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a milestone entry, and everyone else who is working on a map. Remember, the final deadline is May 31st. The grand prize winner will be selected not only for design, but for completeness and playability!

Written by Hannah on Monday April 29, 2019