Viewer Update - Release Notes 0.9.29

Hi everyone,

There's a update today containing a number of fixes and improvements, read on for the full release notes. We're expecting to also release a patch release on Tuesday (October 3rd) with a number of other fixes and improvements.

Known Issues

  • Some macOS devices are getting weird animated spikes ("polygon soup") on avatars, and objects using phong tessellation, when the frustum precision is too low. Typically this is occuring when the camera is overridden by a virtual camera with a wide frustum (such as the Avatar Inspector, Space Navigator and F4 modes). We're aiming to release a hotfix for this soon.


  • Settings: Settings now initialise before regions are loaded, which ensures the new 'Disable Browsers' and 'Disable Vivox' settings are called at the appropriate time.
  • Facial Tracking: We have merged in the new 'Facial Tracking' feature which allows you to control your avatars head position, rotation and facial features using a normal webcam. This will be pending a further update before being made generally availible, but we will be seeking beta testers to try it out. We'll post more about this soon!
  • Space Navigator: We've added support for 3DConnexion Space Navigator devices, to activate press F3. Subsequent presses of F3 will enable or disable tilt locking. (Note for macOS users; avoid 3DxWare versions 10.4.x, prior versions work fine. We suggest 10.3.1.)
  • Attachments: Clothing attachments can now be made Unisex with Editor Pack 10.9 onwards.
  • Attachments: Clothing attachments can now be repositioned and edited from within the Outfit window.
  • Costumes: Certain costume avatars will no longer turn into horrifying blobs of flesh in the Outfit window.
  • Landmarks: Landmarks now ignore X and Z rotations, preventing accidentally misaligned avatars. You can still deliberately misalign your avatars via scripting.
  • Room Editor: The default behaviour for 'duplicate selected' now duplicates and selects the object in-situ instead of re-placing via mouse cursor.
  • Audio: We've added SFX to certain events inworld to help notify users of activity.
  • Scripting: SResource now has a .AsText property to let you load text files from embedded resources.
  • Scripting: Added SPostFX.SetPostProfile(SResource profile) and SPostFX.ClearPostProfile() methods to let you load a profile via a SResource.
  • Browser Surfaces: on macOS we're temporarily requiring you to click on browser surfaces to turn them on. This will be restored to normal functionality in the next update.
  • White/Gray Label: We've reduced the size and changed the text on the logo in the corner of the Login screen, it now reads 'Powered by' instead of 'Sinespace'.
  • Content Processing: We've stripped out unwanted shader variants in region processing. Region processing now is up to 2x faster, and 25-50% smaller output in certain material-heavy regions.
  • Content Processing: The Exclude Object Component is now properly respected.

Written by Adam on Thursday September 28, 2017

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