The Important Role of VR/AR in Society

Jeremy Dalton, VR/AR lead at PwC UK, discussing VR in society, today at 8:00PM UTC/3:00PM EST/12:00PM PST in The Delphi Talks

Jeremy Dalton, VR/AR Lead at PwC UK, kicks off a lively, interactive discussion on the important role of VR and AR in society.

We will discover surprising historical facts about VR stretching back to the 1800's, explore racial profiling and ponder the past, present and future impediments to widespread adoption of these technologies. 

Along the way we may solve the search for the elusive killer VR or AR app, or decide that this is a red herring, and it is really all about a holistic ecosystem of tools and experiences that transform human experience in combination with each other.

Find out the answers and ask your own questions this Wednesday!

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Written by Sean on Tuesday January 9, 2018