A Week-Long Summer Festival, where an extraordinary week-long series of special events awaits. Explore, connect, and celebrate in a world that exists only within the realm of pixels and dreams.

All times are in UTC.

Running Through The Week

Life’s a Beach at DragonGirl’s Lair.

Complete the Beach Ball Bonanz quest and win 100 gold.

Day 1: Monday 24th. Opening the Festival Gates

4-6pm. Ziggies on Tour at Flannigan’s Fairground.

Jay and Les open the gates to the festival at Flannigan’s with pounding
tunes to get your feet moving and into the summer festival vibe.

11pm-1am. Balloon Fest at - you guessed it - Balloon Fest region.

Get your vintage souvenir tees and festival balloons. Enjoy fantastic music. Come exactly as you are.

1-3am. Punky’s Massive Maze region.

Get lost.. then get out again. Get through the maze, take a selfie, and enter the draw for Gold!

Day 2: Tuesday 25th. Region Tour: Sunrise Valley.

6-7pm. Tour of Arctic Rose’s Sunrise Valley.

Meet at the Welcome Centre. Sunshine Valley started as a winter Arctic Valley and changed to summer with the season.
The residents are  experimenting with low MBS items, visiting in the coffee shop or the Pub, and having events like Memorial Day near the  Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 
There are currently 8 residents with their own homes/areas. Come on over to visit!  We enjoy visitors!

Midnight-2am. Unruly Blues at Flannigan’s - “As a Kite” event.

Soar with uplifting summer melodies, scorching hits, and much more.

Day 3: Wednesday 26th. New Region Reveal.

2-4pm. Buzzz at Flannigan’s.

This week's Buzzz is in Deer Country at the fairground. Join us for chatter, hotdogs, and rumors, but remember, NO CHEESE allowed. Show off your culinary skills for the "Best in Chef" competition and stand a chance to win gold prizes.

4-5pm. Community Hour at Flannigan’s Event Tent.

Including the return of Georgina with her own unique spin on a Summer-Themed Quiz.

5-6pm. Tour of Carstens new region.

Amidst a tranquil park setting, you'll find a community garden with meandering paths, complemented by a charming Victorian-style public library. This idyllic spot is nestled along a lazy river and surrounded by a lush forest.
Presently, the location is in the final stages of development, with plans for a grand opening later this month. The garden boasts 22 assignable plots, each accompanied by a customizable sign, a toggleable fence, and a radio that activates upon entering and deactivates upon exiting the plot area. There are three plot variations
available: 20x40 with 128mb, 20x20 with 64mb, and 10x40 with 64 Mb. 
This community region serves as a fascinating experiment, utilizing the room floor system to create a harmonious space. The region is named "Blossoms and Books" and is currently open to the public, welcoming plot assignment requests.

Midnight.  “Aliens in Shorts (or Swimwear)” at The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

It's hot as Hell on Frogstar World B this time of year and the AC just went out at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe! This has resulted in a change in our dress code. All aliens visiting the Restaurant are encouraged to wear shorts (or swimwear). We want to ensure that our customers are comfortable. There may even be some "incentive" in doing so.

Day 4: Thursday 27th. 

10pm-Midnight. The Vault on tour at Flannigan’s.

Come join us for a friendly game of Bingo and a chance to win Gold and Silver prizes. Enjoy music and fun times with your friends, as DJ Mizz plays tunes and takes your song requests.

Midnight-2am. Unruly Blues at Flannigan's

Sizzling "HOT Summer Nights" theme, featuring summer tunes, hot hits, and more from Ubie.

Day 5: Friday 28th. 

10pm-Midnight. Ziggies with Jay and Les and Kay Parks Live!

Joining Jay and Les tonight is the Kay Parks Band - a dynamic virtual performance of high-energy music covering songs from artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga and performing at Ziggies on Friday Nite during the annual Summer Festival. Vibrant visuals, mesmerizing animations, and captivating backdrops will surround you in an immersive soundscape. 

Midnight-2am. Ambient Presents Beach Blanket Bingo.

Step into the "Ambient Presents Beach Blanket Bingo" on Discovery Island. Join us down at the beach for an exciting game of bingo with a chance to win Gold prizes! Enjoy the hottest summer tunes, chat with friends, and have a fantastic time!

2-4am. Country & Western Event with Rose & Snow in Dodge City

Join us at the Native American Village, where you can dress as a Native or Western Cowboy/Cowgirl. DJ Snowtracks will be spinning special Native tunes for your enjoyment. Participate in games for a chance to win Gold prizes and join the usual "I Spy with Rose" activity. Come and have a wonderful time!

Day 6: Saturday 29th. 

10pm-Midnight. Best in Beachwear at 381 Club

Join DJ Kat with fantastic tunes and a special contest: Best In Beachwear. Gold to be won.

Midnight-2am. Ziggies on tour at Flannigan’s.

Join DJ Les for some great musical recipes and a surprise live(ish) appearance of The Veatles rocking the Circus Tent.

Day 7: Sunday 30th. A Finale to Remember

10pm-Midnight. 381Club.

DJ Kat, brings her musical skills and transitions to the stage. High-spirited dancing is a requirement so come along and have fun.

Midnight-2am. The Festival Finale at Flannigan’s.

Join DJ Les hosting a rousing singalong for an hour of fun culminating in the glorious firework display over the fairground site.

1-3am. The Riverboat UnoSi event on tour at Pirates Cove.

The Riverboat has been caught in a storm and cast out to sea. We are marooned at PIRATE’S COVE. Meet your friends for UnoSi games and a quest for gold and silver booty. Tunes with DJ Mizz.

A big thank you to all the hosts and community members responsible for putting together the individual events that make up this year's festival. 

The Community Team hope you all have a great time - we’ll see you at Flannigan’s and various events throughout the week.

Written by Paul on Thursday July 20, 2023