St Patrick's Day Parties!

St Patrick's Day is going to be full of fun events in Sinespace!

DJ Yer will be hosting a fun filled St Patrick's Night Party on 17th March at 11PM - 1AM UTC/6PM - 8PM EST/3PM - 5PM PST in 381 Club. She will playing music from across the ages, and she will also be holding a contest for the Best Irish Outfit! The contest is for the best dressed avatar, but if you want to make your own Irish themed clothing/accessories for the contest, you can go ahead and upload them, and wear them for the contest! 

The winner of the contest will receive 25000 Silver, and the runner up will get 5000 Silver, so get all dressed up, dance the night away and win that contest!

Ghaelen will also be holding her weekly World Healing Vibes session in Convergence at 7PM UTC/3PM EST/12PM PST with a bit of an Irish twist. She will be playing Celtic music, so get ready to do some traditional Irish dances like the jig!

DJ Rosa will also be holding her weekly event of Live Music in Guitarahalla at 9PM UTC/5PM EST/2PM PST so join in and dance the evening away with some Latin Rock, and maybe some Irish music too!

To join in on these events, sign up to Sinespace now!

Written by Hannah on Thursday March 15, 2018