It’s Switch-Up week here at Sinespace so check out where your favorite event is taking place.

                                                            (Editor note: The above screenshot gives no clues away but, to quote Dixie, it is pretty.)

Take a wild ride with us during our Summer Switchup featuring a very special region made specifically for this event by the mysterious Mr. Flannigan! Also, an amazing new Zoo region hosted by Mimi. Some of your favorite DJs and hosts will participate in the festivities by taking us on tours and musical journeys as we glide through the end of summer. Rumour has it Mr Flannigan might turn up during the week - if you can grab a selfie with him you can win prizes. Guided tours will run all week at various times.

Here’s the line-up of fun stuff that’s happening at Mr. Flannigan’s Fantastical Fun Facility and the Zoo and remember, all times are in UTC.

Monday 29th August

  • 4pm-5pm - Join the Community Team at Flannigan's for the Grand Opening with the Early Show (moved from Ziggies today). Experience the first guided tour of the Fantastical Fun Facility.

  • 11pm - 1am - Music and Bingo with Spiral

  • 1am - 2am - James Olmos singing LIVE at Flannigan's. Playing his own choice of eclectic summer songs.

Tuesday 30th August  

  • 4pm - 5pm - Office Hours at Welcome Centre Auditorium - Adam will be showing some exciting new technologies.

  • 7pm - 8pm - Flannigan's tour - guided tour led by one of the Community Team.

  • 11pm - midnight - DJ Rosa at Flannigan's.

  • Midnight - 2am - Unruly Blues at Flannigan's

  • 2am -3am UTC - Country Fair tour with Snowtracks and Mimi

Wednesday 31st August

  • 2pm - 4pm - Morning Buzzz touring “The Zoo”

  • 4pm - 5pm Community Hour at Flannigan's

  • 6pm - 7pm - Flannigan's tour

  • 10pm - midnight - The 381 Club with music and dancing and everyone’s favorite DJ Yer with a competition. Prizes: 2k G, 1k G, 500 Gold

  • Midnight - 1am - Music with Spiral will include a sponsored gold event as well!

Thursday 1st September

  • 9pm - 10pm - Flannigan's tour

  • 10pm - midnight - Hitchhiker’s Happy Hour with PJ. Sip a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster while you dance, play games, and compete for gold at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe!

  • Midnight - 2am - Unruly Blues at Flannigan's. Our big outdoor concert  with competitions and MORE fun!

Friday 2nd September

  • 10pm - 11pm - Flannigan's tour

  • 11pm - midnight - Summer Fun Karaoke Party at the Blue Lagoon.  Hosting their own summer themed karaoke event. Gold for every Karaoke entry.  

  • Midnight - 2am - Jay & (Nearly Silent) Les Show at Ziggies' Nightclub.  Dance to a variety of music, from 60's retro to modern vibes. 

  • 2am - 4am - Country and Western Hoedown at Dodge City A great time with friends in the beauty of the mountains! Join us for some great country & western music! 

Saturday 3rd September (Unofficial International Mimi Day)

  • 10pm- midnight - Fun at The 381 Club with DJ Yer playing all of your favorite tunes! Join in for the ‘sploder and great music, friends, and fun! 

  • Midnight - 2am - Here’s the one you’ve all been waiting for - Mimi’s latest extravaganza - The ZOO with its amazing show of dozens of animals, Scavenger Hunt, Best in Animal Costume. There will be live music so you all can dance following the tour. DO NOT FEED the Animals.

Sunday 4th September

  • 8pm - 9pm - Flannigan's tour

  • 9pm - 10pm - DJ Rosa at Flannigan's. Music and dancing plus “Best in summer attire”  Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd (2k G, 1k G, 500 G).

  • 10pm- midnight Fun at The 381 Club with DJ Yer. Join DJ Yer Playing awesome 80's, 90's and the best of the rest.  Silver giveaways every 30 minutes during the event!  

  • Midnight - 1am - “The Party at the End of the Festival” at Flannigan's, closing our week of fun with Les

  • 1am - 3am - Uno and Smooth Jazz with Mizz will be at The Octopus’s Garden. Join in the fun for your chance to win GOLD!!

Written by Paul on Wednesday August 24, 2022