3D Hand Painting Designs Class with Ruby!

Ruby will be holding a 3D Hand Painting Designs class today!

Do you use Blender for creating your Sinespace content?  Would you like to paint textures right onto the 3D object?  Then 3D Hand Painting Designs with Ruby on 14th March at 7:30PM UTC/3:30PM EST/12:30PM PST in Atheneum Year One Classroom is the class for you.  In a casual, easy-paced atmosphere, Ruby teaches you the basics of stenciling, painting with filters and brushes, and creating normals from your new texture.  She then shows you how to save the textures for use in Unity (and Sinespace!). Participants who built their models with ProBuilder but prefer the painting tools in Blender will learn how to export those models to Blender for painting.

She uses three main applications:

Blender 3D modeling:  www.blender.org

Krita photo editing and model painting: https://krita.org/en/

Unity:  https://unity3d.com/

And, of course, her Sinespace space: http://sine.space/

The project for class today is a simple table.

To get to Atheneum Year One region, click on the Explore button at the bottom of the screen, and use the seach bar there to search for Atheneum.

To attend this class, join Sinespace now!

Written by Hannah on Wednesday March 14, 2018