Release Notes - Preview 2018.9b28

Hi everyone - this is the release notes for the 2018.9b28 release candidate (which is currently the preview release) - read on for the full list of changes since our last release notes (our 2018.7 release).

Some of these have been available in our preview releases for a while now; if no further issues appear expect it to become a live release shortly.

Changes & Improvements

  • Localisation: We now support three additional languages (with more to come): French, Japanese, and Chinese can be selected in the login screen. (German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian are coming in a future update)
  • Black Trees: We've fixed a long standing issue with trees turning black when billboarded into the background on Windows.
  • Scripting: Our JSON Parser has been taken out back and retired. Our new JSON Parser will behave better (or else...). Expect less JSON related bugs when using json.serialize calls.
  • Reflection Probes: Fixed an issue where realtime reflection probes were misbehaving.
  • SteamVR: SteamVR now more reliably toggles on/off, without launching SteamVR when OpenVR is disabled.
  • Settings Window: Various fixes relating to sliders and scrollbar sensitivity.
  • Scripting: Scripts can now share more complex types between scripts via the SShared functions.
  • Shop: Patterns sort so the newest are displayed first.
  • Performance: The 'Quality Lighting' toggle is now part of the Older Computer performance preset.
  • Archimatix: Adds new Archimatix Handles
  • Avatar Inspector: Fixed an issue with clothing not displaying in the Avatar Inspector
  • Room Editor: Holding the Alt key will allow you to place multiple copies of an item at a time.
  • Runtime Inspector: Enables the Inspector! (See our previous blog posts)
  • Male & Female Avatars: Updates to the general quality of our default avatars, adds additional sliders.
  • Male & Female Avatars: Default skin textures have been overhauled & improved (look lots better!). Shader has been tweaked.
  • Scripting: SGameObject.Avatar will now search children for the right component.
  • Avatars: We now use 4 Bones for skinning calculations in all performance profiles. Helps improve elbows.
  • Audio: Furniture and spawned items will now go into the SFX slider category
  • Avatars: We now recalculate normals with slider modifications to produce better lighting on morphed-out avatars.
  • Avatars: Eye darting ("Saccades") will no longer double-dart or freeze.
  • Gigaregions: Initial support for Gigaregions (blog post soon)
  • Flickr: The built-in flickr components have more options for customising which groups/feeds are shown. New Slideshow variant.
  • Scripting: Object ownership is now determined a bit better.
  • Space Navigator: Fixes some warnings when using on Linux (unfortunately only works on Mac/Windows for now)
  • Clickables: Improved handling of scripted and spawned Clickable items - multiple actions will produce a popup menu, instead of firing the default action.
  • In-Client Uploads: We now support in-client uploads of 'Furniture' 3D models. This is currently pending some additional work (and a tie to our new certified creator program) before being enabled to a wider group of users. You can upload personal-use models and textures from a wide variety of formats (FBX, Blend, OBJ, DAE and a lot more) directly from within the viewer.
  • Scripting: Debugging scripts using VS Code is fixed
  • VR: Improved some issues with rotation in VR (a overhaul of the controls is in progress as part of a larger controls update coming soon)
  • Avatars: Fixed a weird stretching bug (maybe!)
  • Scripting: Adds .Driver property to SModularVehicle to get an Avatar reference for the current driver.
  • Vehicles: Fixes a Imperial/Metric mix-up on the Speedometer component. (At least we didn't crash a Mars lander...)
  • Vehicles: Forces will now combine correctly in vehicle wheels; holding two keys will add forces, instead of using the last key pressed.
  • Inspector: Testing a new 'Add Component' feature in the Inspector
  • AudioReactiveAnimation: Adds a new option to override the specified Animation Controller Parameter
  • In-Client Script Editor: Testing a in-client script editor (will only work on the preview grid; live grid will have some API functions removed to ensure safety, you can still use those via the Editor Pack/Review process. May be tied to Certified Creator program in a future update.)
  • Facial Tracking: Improved performance of Facial Tracking system
  • Inspector/Room Editor: Fixed a bug where the Transform component could conflict with the Room Editors own placement mechanics
  • Scripting: Adds new Command Buffer API - you can now write your own custom Post FX shaders!
  • Scripting: Adds new error tracing system, some errors will now deliver a Lua stack trace. (in future all errors will do so)
  • Vehicles: Vehicles will now correctly synchronise their visibility for new arrivals in a region.
  • Friends: Deleting a friend will now require a confirmation.
  • Chat: New users will default to the New User chat, users older than 7 days will default to teh General chat channel.
  • URL Handler: We now have a sinespace:// URL handler which allows you to launch the client to particular regions, items in the shop and such. (See Office Hours blog post from last week)

Written by Adam on Tuesday October 9, 2018

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