New Allegro Full-Length Gown by BlakOpal Designs

BlakOpal Designs has released a stunning, romantic full-length gown with cloth physics enabled, called Allegro, which comes in ten different colours and patterns.

Trilo Byte and BlakOpal (the couple behind BlakOpal Designs), in a post on their blog describing the intricate process required to create this gown, say, "This is the first long gown with working cloth physics in SineSpace, or any virtual world for that matter."


Below is short YouTube video from the creators, BlakOpal Designs, showing just how naturally this garment moves with the wearer (and it even includes a useful tip on how to fix the skirt if it should snag somewhere on your avatar).

Each individual colour of the Allegro gown is 199 Gold each, and you can buy the complete bundle of ten colours for only 1,399 Gold. Why not treat yourself to something truly special and unique?

Written by Unknown on Tuesday March 31, 2020