Easter in Sinespace

With the excitement of scavenger hunts and themed events we’re heading into Easter celebrations here in Sinespace.

Ongoing Quests

DragonGirl’s “Hoppin’ Down The Bunny Trail”

Celebrating Easter, DragonGirl welcomes you to Don't Burst My Bubble to participate in a Quest Hoppin' Down The Bunny Trail.  Find 12 Bunnies/Rabbits and win 150 gold. Quest will run through March, and while you are there, take the time to explore and look at some of DragonGirl's favourite things in Sinespace, created by Snowtracks, Monks, Carsten Stark, Ell, Punkster, and others.

Mizz’s “Those Ducks Are A-Mazing “

Follow and click on the ducks as they lead you through the maze for a chance to win 100 gold. Join us from noon P.D.T. on Thursday, March 28th, to Sunday, March 31st, as we embark on this exciting adventure. Challenge your navigation skills and enjoy the thrill of the maze as you hunt down those elusive ducks. 

Mizz’s “Easter Island Bunny Hunt”

For 100 gold and bragging rights, one day only, March 30th 5pm P.D.T. through March 31st 5pm P.D.T.  Be sure you scroll down with the green bar on the right of the Taskboard so you find all photo booths and challenges. 

And Of Course... there will be a Welcome Centre Quest.

But for right now, it's top secret.

And Special Events

All times in UTC unless otherwise stated.

Wednesday 27th March

2pm - Easter Buzzz

Join us at Greenlea for the "Easter Buzzz" event. Enjoy a delightful "Brunch with Mim0sa" experience featuring special Easter treats for everyone. Don't forget to adorn yourself with Bunny Ears for a chance to receive 100 gold, with additional random gold giveaways throughout the event.

Thursday 28th March

10pm - Celebrating Opening Day of Major League Baseball

Celebrate the Opening Day of Major League Baseball at The Vault! Join us for an exciting evening filled with bingo for gold and music that resonates, courtesy of DJ Mizz. You're cordially invited to be part of the festivities!

Midnight - Unruly Blues in the Welcome Centre

Ubie, renowned for his eclectic taste in music, will be gracing the Welcome Center with a selection of quintessentially Ubie tunes. So come on down and immerse yourself in the music while experiencing the undeniable charm of Ubie's presence.

Friday 29th March

Midnight - The Friday (Rabbit) Rock Show

Join the exclusive gathering at Ziggies for The Friday Rock Show - With A Difference" hosted by DJ Les. This event is tailored specifically for our furry friends, as admission is reserved solely for bunnies. Don't miss out on this unique and vibrant experience designed just for our hoppy companions! 

2am  - Country & Western Event

Get ready for a festive celebration featuring an Easter Parade and "Best Dressed Easter Outfit" competition for gold prizes. DJ Snowtracks will be spinning the best country tunes to keep the party going, while ArcticRose hosts the games for endless entertainment. Head over to the Sunshine Valley region and immerse yourself in the Easter spirit with music, games, and good company.

Saturday 30th March

10pm - 381 Club

Join us for an unforgettable evening of entertainment. Get ready to groove to the beats as DJ Kat takes the stage. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the 381 Club.

Midnight - Saturday Slammers

Bring your boogie shoes to Ziggies for an electrifying DJ event that will have you dancing all night while you connect and socialise with friends from around the globe. See you on the virtual dance floor!  Moooooo!

Sunday 31st March

10pm - “Coming Out Of Your Shell” Contest

Brace yourself for the "Coming Out Of Your Shell" Contest at 381 Club with DJ Kat and gold prizes! Join us for an exhilarating night of talent and entertainment as contestants showcase their skills and personality. Don't miss your chance to shine! 

Midnight - Guilty Pleasures

In the Welcome Centre, DJ Les plays all those songs you don’t want to like but still do, regardless. Les’ mission is to get you singing these songs when you are walking by the freezer aisle in Wal-Mart.

1am - Easter Grudge Match

Easter Grudge Match UnoSi and Holiday Trivia for gold. Join us at Easter Island as we wrap up our Easter celebrations for 2024, with DJ Mizz spinning the tunes! Get ready for a thrilling night of friendly competition and fun. Test your UnoSi skills and holiday trivia knowledge to win gold prizes.

Written by Paul on Tuesday March 26, 2024