Creator Spotlight - Hellen

Check out the newest items from our amazing creator Hellen!

Hellen is one of most active creators; She creates beautiful hair, punk style and unique clothing and accessories regularly for users to buy in the Shop. One of the items she has made is a beautifully detailed Wedding Dress, which you can buy in a variety of different colours. The flowers on the bodice of the dress really make it stand out, which you want on your wedding day! You can also buy her Onomi hair which matches the dress nicely, or she also has Wedding Hair with an animated veil!

Check out her Torn Shirt; This gives off a punk vibe which we love! For females you have the Buruke top, which is both punk and sexy; Along with the Buruje pants it completes an awesome outfit! The guys and girls can also fashion their hair into an awesomely high Mohawk in a variety of colours like brown, blond and even mint green! You can preview and buy it here

We asked Hellen what inspires her to make clothing, and she answered "It's all about the people who buy my items. When you see how happy they are that you are working on something new or that they can ask for a custom made item, it fuels me to keep working, surprise people give them exactly what they want. When I see someone wearing the clothing I make, it makes me extremely happy to see them love my clothing! I could spend all my free time making clothing for Sinespace, it's relaxing and fun!"

You can find all of Hellen's great items on her Shop; purchase them for yourself or for a friend!

Written by Hannah on Friday November 22, 2019