Creator Spotlight - ELL

ELL is a content creator who makes avatar clothing, hair, jewelry and other accessories.

Pictured here is a combination of the Spiked pants, which come in six different colours (only 99 Gold) and the Heim hoodie (again, only 99 Gold, and it comes in nine different colours). Here's what it looks like from the side and back (notice the spikes running up the left leg and around the right leg!):


Here is a short interview with Hellen, the creator behind the ELL brand:

Ryan: How did you get involved with Sinespace?

Hellen: I was visiting another virtual world, when I saw advertising about Sinespace on my internet browser and i was really curious how it works. So i joined and i was really surprised how great Sinespace is!

Ryan: What tools do you use to create your clothing and accessories?

Hellen: For years i have been using my beloved Marvelous Designer. This is tje place where everything starts from my head. Then i go to Blender, for texturing, editing out some errors or adding some more details. Sometimes, i use ZBRUSH, too, when i have more time..Here you can find great brushes or create beautiful textures. Finally, i moved to Unity for final results for Sinespace. Sometimes all proces takes all your free time in day, sometimes all week :)

Ryan: Do you have a favourite item that you have created and placed for sale? What is it? Why do you like it?

Hellen: I can't say that i have only one favourite item...I love them all, all are unique and beautiful. But i enjoy the most my Njura dress (see image below)...In this dress are feelings when i learned so many new things and after long time I released them. Many people like them very much.Thumbnail

Ryan: What advice would you give to people who want to get started as a content creator in Sinespace?

Hellen: My own advice for new creators is - HAVE PATIENCE. Is really important. There are some new things to learn, Unity and rigging, scripting. It can be scary and frustrating , but in the end it is only pleasure! I remeber when i came into Sinespace amy first day, and Adam helped me with all the information, i was like WOAH, but soon afterward I had my own dress in shop, which is amazing. So please, dont worry and enjoy it; it is so easy and fun :)

Thanks, Hellen! 

Here is another beautiful ELL outfit, the shimmery gold Tiredi dress for only 99 Gold. It also comes in nine other colours!


You can find all of ELL's creations in their Shop!

Written by Unknown on Thursday March 19, 2020