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Winter Festival 2018 - Fun, Snow, Music, Contests!

Winter Festival 2018 - Fun, Snow, Music, Contests!

This year's Winter Festival is cooler than ever - December 29-31.  Inworld contests for users and creators! Read on for highlights of these fun events!

| Thursday December 6, 2018
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Winter Wonderland Region Creation Contest

If you love building regions in Unity, this is the contest for you!  Create a winter wonderland you love, upload it and share it with us.  Enter the Winter Wonderland Contest and you could win up to 2500 Gold!  More info on the forum.

Home for the Holidays Home/Template Decorating Contest

Use a template from the shop. Use any furniture items in the shop, either purchased or your own creation you have made available for sale. Doesn't matter if it isn't a winter template, so long as it is decorated for the winter holidays. We're looking for creativity in the way you use the decorations on hand. Let your imagination run wild!

Judging for both region and home decorating contests will take place beginning December 29.  So have your region uploaded or decorated by then and open for our public tour on December 30!

Outfit Contests

  • Best Holiday Festive Colors Contest (for creators and users)
  • Best Winter Outfit Contest (for creators and users)
    • Wear your own created clothing, combine your clothing with shop items, or assemble a complete outfit from shop items.  Show off your Festive and Cozy Winter Outfits! Have your created items ready in time for the parties starting on December 29!
  • Best New Year's Eve Outfit (for users)
    • This one is for our users who don't create but love to buy creations! Grab clothing and wearable accessories from the shop. Create an ensemble and show off the Best New Year's Eve Outfit at the party

The outfit contests will be judged during the music event.  You can see when and where the contests are held  in the Full Winter Festival Schedule on our forum.

Oh, and we've got special holiday sales going on too!  Join Sinespace and see what our creative users have made just for you!

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