Website update with cool new features!

Check out the new updates to our website!

Our website has a new shiny design, and to go along with it, some awesome new features!

New website features:

Subscriptions page:

  • Premium accounts now get more gold proportional to the subscription, higher tiers = more weekly gold.

Shop page:

  • You can now shop on the web. The webshop has a 'Buy' button now, and has been cleaned up considerably.
  • Brand pages now exist e.g. this one for NEWSEA - (next website changes will be letting you customise these pages, both here and in-client)

Events page:

Explore page:

  • Explore pages overhauled in general
  • Individual regions now also show screenshots taken in that region
  • Visit button will open the desktop client if you have it installed

Accounts page and new Referral Program:

  • Accounts page has been overhauled in general
  • We have added a Referral Program to the Accounts page - You will need to sign into your account to see it

    1. Whenever your referred friend purchases gold, you get an extra 2% gold of the total amount e.g. they buy 10000 Gold, you get 200 Gold.

    2. If you refer 5 friends who become Premium members, you get your Premium membership free while they are subscribed!

Our referral programs are set up to change, so make the best of it while you can!

User Profiles:

  • You can now view another users profile if they have their regions on the Explore page. Simply click on their name which is highlighted in pink under the region image!
  • You can see your own profile by logging into your account, go to 'Account Summary' and click on 'View Profile'.

That's all of the updates for now, but there will be plenty more in the future! 

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Written by Hannah on Friday September 20, 2019