The Sinespace community welcomes Unity developers and artists!

We’re thrilled to welcome Unity developers visiting us after reading the official blog post or the VentureBeat story announcing our asset store partnership with Unity! Last week the Sinespace team got to meet hundreds of you at our GDC booth and at our huge launch party at Unity HQ in San Francisco. Today, we wanted to welcome developers reading this from around the world.

The “Editor Pack” SDK connects a thriving user community of fun, talented, and diverse people, from social gamers who enjoy customizing their avatars, playing mini-games, attending live music shows and parties, to developers and artists who create and sell vehicles, clothing & costumes, games, and other cool 3D content. We hope you consider sharing your own creativity with us too. We can’t wait to see what you build!

To jump right in, we recommend you join our official Discord server or explore the developer documentation and forums. But If you’re completely new to Sinespace, here’s a quick intro:

Sinespace: Developer Overview

Now with over 50,000 users and growing fast, many content creators already earn substantial revenue by selling their content to Sinespace’s consumer market -- from virtual fashion to vehicles to mini-games and beyond.

We also have a private white label option used by businesses and organizations, so developers can completely control and customize their user experience -- not just games, but enterprise applications for marketing, prototyping, and training.

We have developers working on and with the platform from top Unity Asset Store brands Dexsoft-Games (3D Models-Textures) along with direct support for many partnered tools, such as award-winning parametric modeler Archimatix.

Key Sinespace features

  • WYSIWYG From Unity: Build in Unity, publish directly to the world!
  • End-to-end solution for multiplayer anything: Build, script, publish, and monetize everything from MMOs to whatever you can imagine.
  • Tons of components and features built-in: Highly customizable characters, in-client scene editing, NPCs, weapons, vehicles, pets, and lots, lots more.
  • Scripting Languages: Write scripts in Lua or C# (in white label servers) via a safe sandboxed API.
  • High local concurrency: Support 200 users in a single space!
  • Built-in monetization: Straight forward monetising tools; in-game marketplace to sell content to all Sinespace players.
  • Build once, run anywhere: Scenes instantly and automatically optimized to run on leading platforms including Windows, Mac, WebGL, Oculus and Vive. (iOS, Android, and consoles currently in Alpha.)
  • IP protection: Strong policies to protect creators, review team monitors the store for pirated/ripped material.
  • Build Kill Repeat FPS Template: Open source, fully editable combat system for first-person shooters - the first of many template games you can use as the basis for your own projects!

See the video above featuring characters from Underworld Ascendant imported into Sinespace during an interview session with game designer Warren Spector.


If you have any follow-up questions for the Sinespace team, join our official Discord server or explore the developer documentation and forums. And connect with the Sinespace team on Twitter @sinewavespace and lead developer @AdamFrisby.

And once again, welcome!

Written by Hannah on Friday March 29, 2019