Sinespace Creator Spotlight: Anatomy

Anatomy is a new brand by Gaby, which offers head and body shapes and skins.

Today, I discovered a brand new content creator in Sinespace, named Gaby, whose brand is called Anatomy (website), that sells six different kinds of female mesh bodies: Classic and Curvy, both of which comes in three different bust shape options: classic, perky, and push-up.

So, I bought the Curvy body with the Classic bust (499 Gold), the Emma head shape (699 Gold), and the Emma skin in vanilla (649 Gold), all from Anatomy.

The vendor recommends that before (or after) you wear any of these new bodies, that you reset the body sliders so you get a clean canvas to start with your new body shape. To do this, just go to the avatar editor (click on the Outfit button), then click on the  Body section and click on the Reset button.

Here is what my avatar looks like now! I kept all the default face and body slider settings for the Anatomy products after the above reset, only making her bust slightly larger and her hands smaller. The following poses are part of a single animated gesture you can buy on the Sinespace Shop, called Ladies Fashion Poses Gesture by De Landria Creations (only 75 Gold). It slowly and smoothly moves the avatar through a number of different model poses, allowing you time to take pictures. Here are just three of the poses included:

This avatar is also wearing the Tiredi dress by ELL (10 different colours, only 99 Gold each colour), plus Misty ballet slippers by BlakOpal Designs (5 different colours, also 99 Gold each.The hairstyle shown is the Dream Glory hair in brown by Newsea (only 99 Gold).

I wanted to show you a couple of different Anatmony bodies so you can compare and contrast them. Here is the same avatar, wearing the Curvy body with the Classic bust, in the Pacific Lyrca bikini by BlakOpal Designs (only 69 Gold):

Compare this with the Classic body with the Perky bust below (499 Gold). (The Emma skin tone in this picture is tan, available for 649 Gold. This is the Maroon colour of the Dream Glory Hair by Newsea for 99 Gold.)

Between all six mesh Anatomy bodies, you should be able to find one that suits you best!

Written by Unknown on Wednesday May 27, 2020